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Verbal Noun + adverbial -aa(y) + /׼/׶ԧ iru/nene/sollu

Another kind of intent construction involves the use of the verbal noun (cf. § 6.5) plus the adverbial marker () -aa(y) plus the verbs /׼/׶ԧ iru, nene, sollu, and some others. There is no quotative -nnu in these constructions Examples:

Since this construction is equivalent syntactically to the S- + nnu constructions, sometimes the meaning of VERBAL NOUN + aa + VERB is not INTENT but simply an embedding construction, such as the following, where ׽Բ׿ ڡ ؽ poyye tuukki poodu means `fabricate a lie (that ...)' followed by the phrase that represents the falsehood.