Guestbook of the Web Site for Learning and Teaching of Tamil.

Name: Lalitha Swaminathan
Message: ͨ ׽ ջ ԾռԻ. Ԩ ؾԨܧ ¶աŨ. 빿 հ Թ մ Դ 硴ը. Ԩ ͨ ٻ հ ״ࡴ Ũ. ǻ ԣ ˽ؿԴԴ 硴ը.

Name: sambandam
Message: please let me know how to down load teaching tamil for kids using computer

Name: Julian Robertson
Message: How terrific to find Tamil online. I spent 7 years in Tamil Nadu, Madurai District in the 70's and 80's. My wife and I have taken two groups of students for 5 week tours of Tamil Nadu. Our village Tamil is v ery helpful! It is a wonderful language. We can write and read the script, but it would be good to learn a more formal Tamil. Our educated Tamil friends are very polite!

Name: Chandrasekhar Reddy
Message: Great stuff.

Name: Velummailum Kirupakaran
Message: Wow, Its is a nice Site. THANK YOU

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