Guestbook of the Web Site for Learning and Teaching Tamil.

Name: Vignesh Venkataramani
Message: I am happy and surprised to note that there is a site in the U.S. that teaches Tamil. The lessons are comprehensive and easily learnable. vignesh

Message: I was vary much impresed up on your work. Thanks a lot for doing some greate work for tamil

Name: Amber Rehling
Message: Vanakkam! I am so happy to have found your web site! This is exactly what I was looking for! My name is Amber Rehling, of San Francisco (, and I am a student of Tamil who is not blessed with any Indian family members, so I am always looking for Tamil learning aids. I just wanted to say thanks for providing this service to Tamil learners like myself who are still in need of practice before any of the Tamil web pages for native speakers will be of any value. I will certainly be back to visit this site many times. Nandri, vanakkam, Amber

Name: D.Rudramurthy
Email: dmurthy@cvimail
Message: indha web site enakku romba pidichidu. ungalukku yennudaya manamaarndha vaazhthukkal. Indha web site melum melum valaravendum yenbadhu yennudaya viruppam. Ungalukku yennudaya udavi thevaippattal therivikkavum.

Name: Kanesan Muthusamy
Message: Very impressive homepage.

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