Preliminary Lesson 1D


Lesson 1d-5: More New vocabulary
13. here inge ״
there ange ״
where? enge? ״?
be located iru
(it) is (located) irukku(du) ,
(You) are (located) irukkiinga(L)
(he, pol) is (located) irukkaaru
(she/they) is/are (located) irukkaanga
(I) am (located) irukkeen ش
Lesson 1d6: WH-Questions
14.a. Where is the book? pustaham (y)enge irukku?
ӻ ״ ?
b. Where is the window? jannal (y)enge irukku
Ƨ ״ ?
c. Where are the glasses? kaNNaaDi (y)enge irukku?
״ ?
d. Where is the saree? poDave (y)enge irukku?
׽Թ ״ ?
e. The book is here. pustaham inge irukku.
ӻ ״
f. The window is there. jannal ange irukku.
Ƨ ״ .
g. The glasses are here. kaNNaaDi inge irukku.
״ .
h. The saree is there. poDave ange irukku.
׽Թ ״ .
i. Where is the door? kadavu (y)enge irukku?
״ .
j. The door is there. kadavu ange irukku.
״ .
15. Where am I? naan enge irukkeen?
Ԩ ״ ش.
b. You are here. niinga inge irukkiinga.
״ 硴.
c. Where is he? avaru enge irukkaaru?
״ 硴?
d. Where is the teacher? vaadyaaru enge irukkaaru?
Ԣ ״ 硴?
e. The professor is here.

aasiriyaru inge irukkaaru.
ȶտ ״ 硴?


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