Lesson 2a: Interrogation: Asking Questions

Lesson 2a-a: Interrogation
English gloss Transliterated Tamil հ
Question marker


Lesson B: Interrogative Sentences
English gloss Transliterated Tamil հ 
1. Is this a book? idu pustaham-aa? ӻ?
Is that a room? adu ruum-aa? ?
Is this a table? idu meece-y-aa? ؾ׶?
Is this a door? idu kadavaa? ?
Are those glasses? adu kaNNaaDi-y-aa? ܿ?
is this a pen? idu peenaa-v-aa? ؽ?
Is that a saree? adu poDave-y-aa? ׽Թ¿?



Lesson B: Questions and Answers
2. Yes, this is a book. aamaa, idu pustaham
Ⱦ, ӻ
a. Yes, this is a room. aamaa, idu ruumu
Yes, this is a window aamaa, idu jannal
Ⱦ, Ƨ
Yes, this is a table aamaa, idu meese
Ⱦ, ؾ׶
Yes, this is a door aamaa, idu kadavu
Yes, these are glasses aamaa, idu kaNNaaDi
Yes, this is a pen aamaa, idu peenaa
Ⱦ, ؽ
Yes, this is a saree aamaa, idu poDave
Ⱦ, ׽Թ



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