Lesson 2D: Interrogation: Asking Questions


Lesson 2D-1: Interrogative Sentences: Location
English gloss Transliterated Tamil հ 
5. in (locative suffix) -le -
in the room ruum-le
in the cabinet alamaari-y-le
in America amerikkaa-v-le ׾աԬ
in India indiyaa-v-le տ
in, on the table/desk meece-y-le ؾ׶




Lesson 2D-2: Locative Sentences: Questions

5 a. Are you in the room? niinga ruum-le irukkiingaL-aa?
5 b. Are you in Philadelphia? niinga pilaDelpiyaa-vle irukkiingkaLaa?
׹տ 硴? 
5 c. Are you in America? niinga amerikkaavle irukkiingkaL-aa?
׾ա 硴?
5 d. Are you in India? niinga indiyaavle irukkiingaL-aa?
տ 硴?
5 e. Yes, I am in the room. aamaa, naan ruum-le irukkeen
Ⱦ, Ԩ ش.
5 f. Yes, I am in Philadelphia. aamaa, naan pilaDelpiyaavle irukkeen
Ⱦ, Ԩ ׹տ ش. 
5 g. Yes, I am in America. aamaa, naan amerikkaavule irukkeen
Ⱦ, Ԩ ׾ա ش.
5 h. Yes, I am in the office. aamaa, naan aafiisle irukkeen
Ⱦ, Ԩ Ƚ ش.
5 i. Yes, the book is on the table/desk. aamaa, pustaham meeceyle irukku.
Ⱦ, ӻ ؾ׶ .
5 j. Yes, the book is in the post office. aamaa, pustaham poosT aafiisle irukku
Ⱦ, ӻ ԧ Ƚ .


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