Lesson 4a: Dative-Stative Constructions: Knowing



Lesson 4a: Dative-Stative Constructions
`be known' ׻
It is known ׻
Is it known? ׻?
Tamil հ
Do you know Tamil? ޢ հ ׻?
a little ״
a very little ״״
to me ơ
I know a little
(to me a little is known)
ơޡ ״ ׻



Lesson 4a-2: Variations:

1.a. Do you know Tamil? հ ׻?
1.b. Do you know English? ׻?
1.c. Yes. I know English. Ⱦ, ׻.
1.d. Who knows Tamil? ޢ հ ׻?
1.e. Who knows English? ׻?
1.f. Do you know Hindi? ׻?


Lesson 4a-3: Chain Questions:
Student A to Student B: Do you know English? ׻?
B to A: Yes, I know a little. Ⱦ, ơޡ ״ ׻.
B to C: Do you know German? ׻?
C to B: Do you know Hindi? ׻?
D to E: Do you know Telugu? ׻ ׻?
E to D: Do you know Kannada? ƹ ׻?
F to G: Do you know French? ׻?
G to F: Do you know Russian? ׻?


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