Download Tamil font developed in IRDU

Step-by-step instruction for font installation.

Click here to read font installation instructions and copyright information given in the IRDU site.

Following links allow you to download Tamil font files from Penn Language Center's server. For PC (72 Kb)

tamilnet.ttf (Press shift and click)

tamilnet.hqx For MAC (80 Kb)

tamilfix.hqx For MAC (82 Kb)

tamilnet18.bdf.gz for UNIX (6 Kb)

tamilfix18.bdf.gz For UNIX (6 Kb)

tamilnet.bdf For UNIX (24 Kb)

tamilfix.bdf For UNIX (24 Kb) Keyboard Manager)

tamilkey.exe(Tamil Keyboard manager -self extracting version) (Transliteration program with 'readme' document.), webtamil.exe WNTAMIL Tamil TeX fonts and other utility programs to make Tamil documents in IBM compatible computers. (WNIPA - IPA symbols for TeX) and its readme document

You can also download most of these font files from the ftp site: in the directory /pub/language/tamil