The 'Textual Mechanics' of Early Jewish LXX/OG Papyri and Fragments

By Robert A. Kraft (University of Pennsylvania) [updated somewhat 18 Nov 2002][integrated to main file 12no2008]

[This is a greatly expanded and revised form of a paper first delivered in May 1998 (Hampton Court, Herefordshire England) to the conference on "The Bible as Book: The Transmission of the Greek Text" sponsored by the Van Kampen Foundation and The Scriptorium: Center for Christian Antiquities. A shorter form of the revised essay is scheduled to appear in the volume being prepared from that conference.]

[The images of MSS provided here are secondary and provisional in nature, mostly drawn from the referenced publications, and intended to help illustrate various aspects of the subject under examination. For a quick list of the fragments reviewed here (and others),
see Early Papyri and MSS for LXX/OG Study or the main index file ("Jewish" and "possibly Jewish" lists).

Context and Overview

This study is very much "in process," and to view the larger picture (including images of manuscripts) as well as to see periodic supplements and updates the reader is referred to the author's index page for this and related presentations..

The remainder of this presentation has been updated and is available here.