Papyri and Related Materials at the University of Pennsylvania

Department of Religious Studies
School of Arts and Sciences
The University of Pennsylvania

General Introduction

by Robert A. Kraft, Berg Professor of Religious Studies, Emeritus
Penn is a Partner in the Advanced Papyrological Information System (APIS) project;
see also the ABZU index, Other Papyrological Resources (John D. Muccigrosso), and

the online Harvard collection.

The University Museum Collections

University Libraries Papyri Collection (formerly housed at the Center for Advanced Judaic Studies)

The Cairo Geniza Collections of the University Libraries and Center for Advanced Judaic Studies

The eBay Image Archive and Kraft Collection [under construction]

Other Papyrological Resources at the University of Pennsylvania

Additional Links of Particular Interest

[Instructions for entering data and for creating scanned images]

Update 13 January 2009 (Created: 12 August 1998)

Robert Kraft (kraft at ccat dot sas dot upenn dot edu)