With Focus on the New England Pier(re)ponts of America
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[Index in 1992 version: 4627 total in America; 807 P-, 2253 non-P-; 1567 spouses]

Code: 20> indicates number of generations skipped, followed by
the number of each successive offspring (1234567890abcdef...):
Thus 20>1 = 21st gen, 1st offspring;
20>12a = 23rd gen, 11th child of 2nd child of 1st child.
zyxwvu = non blood relationships (adopted, foster) in the
appropriate relative sequence where z=1, y=2, etc.
thus 15x = 3rd in sequence, but not blood relation
hijkmnopqrst = used where exact number is unsure (note no "l")
{21} indicates generation number (equivalent to 20>)

Supplementary Information Tags (underline in column 1)
[note that tags can be combined, and/or numbered]
_a(date) = addresses
_b = bibliography (writings or published notes about)
_c = creative work (publications, art, architecture, diaries, etc.)
_e = education and related information (e.g. honorary degrees)
_f = father of spouse, of foster children, etc. (see also _p, _pf)
_fp = father's parents
_ffp = father's father's parents
_fmp = father's mother's parents
_g = gravesite information, etc. (including location of remains)
_h = health history
_i = visual images (photos, portraits, etc.)
_k = kinfolk, especially siblings
_l = leisure activities, hobbies, etc.
_m = mother of spouse, of foster children, etc. (see also _p, _pm)
_mp = mother's parents
_mfp = mother's father's parents
_mmp = mother's mother's parents
_n = notes
_o = occupation
_om = occupation in military service
_p = parents (of spouses, of foster children, etc.) (see also _f/_pf, _m/_pm)
_q = queries pertaining to questionable information, problems in the data, etc.
_r = religious affiliation
_s = source of uncontested or accepted information
_sx = source of rejected information
_w = information from will
_x = corrections to source materials
_z = materials supplied by RAK

months: ja fe mr ap my je jl au se oc no de [not yet implemented]
NOTE: 3-13 se 1752 skipped in change from Julian to Gregorian
calendar, 25 mr = newyear until 1753 (1583 in RC Europe)
P- = Pierpont
P-i = Pierpoint
P-re = Pierrepont
[@p @s @n] P- Family Assn officers (pres, sec, nominating)
rv = The Reverend (clergyman)
knt = Knight
md = medical doctor (MD)
dd = doctor of divinity (DD)
lld = doctor of laws (LLD)
phd = doctor of philosophy (PhD)
sr = senior
jr = junior
ii = the second
iii = the third
iv = the fourth
bp = baptized
tw = twin(s)
+m = married; +m1 = first marriage of two or more (etc.)
[+m2] spouse remarried; +m[2] married as spouse's second marriage
wd = widow(ed)
mi = male issue (surviving sons of sons, etc.)
unm = unmarried (was never married)
dv = divorced
csn = cousin (with appropriate code, if known)
d = died: dwi = died without issue [dsp]; dy = died young
bd = buried
ag = age (at time of death)
__ = unknown name
[[for additional abbrevs, see NEXUS 5.3(1988) 106a]]

[ABC] information supplied by Amelia Birdsall Castle 08ap1996
[AG] Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy, ed F.A.Virkus (1926)
[BHS] Brooklyn Historical Society Pierrepont www.brooklynhistory.org/libaids.html
[BL] = Samuel Blakesley ... and his Descendants by J. Shepard (1902)
[Blake] = chart supplied by Igor R. Blake for 1998 PFA reunion
[BS] = S. Beireis (sbeireis@pcisys.net) lists P- names on gencircles
[CA] = extensive material from Amelia B. Castle mr96 >16583
[CC] = J.M.Cowper, Booke of Register of...Canterbury...1560-1800 (1888)
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[chart] = copy obtained from Norm P- in fall 1996 [probably = HP2]
[CSM] = journals of Charles Somers Miller
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[GS] = inscription copied from memorial/grave stone, etc.
[HD#] = Feudal History of the County of Derby by J.P.Yeatman (1886-)
[HO] = The Descendants of Rv Thomas Hooker, by Edward Hooker (prv 1909)
[HP1,2,3] = Charts at Holme Pierrepont (1=Dukes, 2>3 table, tree)
[HE] = Herrick Genealogy ..., by Herrick Crosby Brown (private, 1950)
[HS#] = Publ. of the Harleian Society (series)
[HS4VN] = Visitation of the County of Nottingham 1569 & 1614 (1871)
[IL+#] = Passenger & Immigration Lists Index
[internet] = http://www.ancestry.com/ (3ja2001)
[IR] Index to Testamentary Records [in England] (series)
[MAV] = Massachusetts Vital Records 1690-1890 (CD-ROM SKU#2230)
[MP] = C. H. Pope, Pioneers of Massachusetts (Boston, 1900)
[N2] = John Throsby, Hist & Antiq of the Town of Nottingham (1795)
[NA] = USA National Archives Records
[NARWPR] = USA National Archives Revolutionary War Pension Records
[NEHGR] = New England Historic Genealogical Review
[NEHGS] = New England Historic Genealogical Society records
[NF] = Frank R. Holmes, Dir. of Ancestral Heads of NE Families (1980)
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[PCB] = notes from Collinson P-re Edwards Burgwyn (July 1989; 24je1993)
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[PDF] = E.J.Marks, The Pierrepont Family from 980-1881 (1881; same?)
[PE] = Elias P- Family Bible transcript by Clement Fuller jr
[PFA#] = attended Pierpont Family Assn meeting in 19##
[PFC] = Pierpont Family Assn Charts by Irving Miller, etc.
[PFL] = Pierpont Association Address Lists (often annotated)
[PFM] = Pierpont Family Assn Minutes (followed by year)
[PFN] = Pierpont Family Assn Notebooks by H. Neal and G. Croft, etc.
[PFR] = Pierpont Family Assn Records by Gertrude Croft on b d m.
[PFT] = Chart by Frederick Trowbridge P- (Nov 1973)
[PHC] = Information supplied from Kevin R. Howley's Charts (07/1989)
[PHD] = Draft by Thaddeus W. Harris in NEHGS Archives (1845) --
[this is full of references to Roxbury and associated records]
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[PJ] = "The Pierponts of North Haven CT," by Donald L. Jacobus (NEGHR 1921) 89-98
[PJP] = notes from Joseph P- via his daughter Patricia P- DeRoeck (1991)
[PM...] indicates item number in R. B. Moffat, P- Genealogies (1913).
[PM+] indicates pencilled marginal note in Univ. PA copy of PM.
[PML] Morgan Family Tree as recorded in the Pierpont Morgan Library [PMU] = update of Moffatt to 1962/1966 by Abbot Low Moffat
--this still has been entered only sporadically 6/98
[PRF] refers to information from Milly Riley on Fuller Family (6/1991)
[PRS] refers to information/charts from Richard G. Smith (06/1990)
[PSC] refers to information/chart from Herb Strange (07/1988)
[PSC9302] refers to more information from Herb Strange (eg 02/1993)
[PSM] refers to incidental information in letters by C. Somers Miller
[PSV] refers to information/charts from Beatrice N. Savage (06/1990)
[PSW] refers to notes by Samuel Worcester (copy from Linda P-)
[PWD] refers to notes from William Davis 07ja1845 (Roxbury) in PHD
[PWP] refers to information from Wilbur K. P- (July 1989)
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[RB4] Robin Brackenbury, Brothers At War...(1992)
[RP] refers to microfilms of British parish records (rak 06/1988)
[RE] indicates data from the READ/P- chart [very sketchy, suspect]
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[WD] = Don Wigley (don_wigley@splwg.com) lists many P- names on gencircles
[WH] = History of the Town of Wolcott (Connecticut), by Samuel Orcutt
[YN] = Young Family Tree by Philip K. Allen (1966)

>1 Sir Hugh de P-re ca 980
_a1 "lord of 'the Castle of P-re in the south confines of Picardy,
_a2 and diocese of Laon,' a branch of the P-res who were lords of
_a3 Castle P-re, two leagues [6 mi] from S.Saveur, Normandy, whence
_a4 they derived their name" [PD5] --
_a5 supposedly from a nearby stone bridge substituting for a ferry,
_a6 built by Charlemagne [PD] or during his time [PM]
_n0 [F1] Chronicle of Flodoard refers to Castrum Petraepontis as an
_n0+ important place in 938.
_n1 Laon/Picardy has a town of Pierrepont but there did not seem to be
_n2 any "castle" or manor house in 1988 [RAK];
_n3 S.Saveur is in Normandy below Cherbourg, with P-re sites nearby
_x1 the two locations are clearly considered one in PMp15, citing UM
_x2 "The family also continued their possessions,
_x3 viz. the castle of P-re, in the south confines of
_x4 Picardy, and diocese of Laon, in 35Hen1, 13Hen2, and 2Ric1, and were
_x5 benefactors to the abbey of Thionville, for lands in the territory
_x6 of Sornicourt and Veel" [UM<PM]
>11 Sir Godfrey de[PM] P-re [ca 1020]
_n father of Godfrey and Robert [PD]
_x HE says d ca 1090, confusing him with 111-1111, whom PD treats together
>111 Sir Godfrey de[PM] P-re [ca 1050]
>1111 Sir Ingolbrand de[PM] P-re ca 1090
_a "lord of Castle P-re, Picardy, A.D.1090" [PD]
_q is PD confused about the location?
_n ancestor of the French line of P-re [PD]

Chief Seats: Holme-Pierrepont, the ancient seat and burial-place of
the family, 3 miles SE from Nottingham, and 98 miles north from London.
Thoresby Park in the forest of Sherwood in County Nottingham, 16 miles
to the north of Nottingham.
Tong Castle in County Shropshire (Salop.), via 17>2314 William
+m Elizabeth Harris d of Sir Thomas Harris of Tong Castle (see below)

>112 Sir Robert de P-re fl 1066-1086
_a1 First "Lord of the Manor" [= a job, not a title (RB)]
_a2 of Hurst/Herst Pierrepont (Pierpoint) (under William Earl Warren)
_a3 which lay near Lewes, north of Brighton, in Sussex; also
_a4 Lordships of Henestede and Wretham in Suffolk (Domesday Bk).
_om Accompanied William the Conquerer to England [PD PM]
_q1 did he participate in battle of Hastings in 1066 [so PD PM HE<UM]?
_q2 PD has him as "a commander in the army" and "ennobled for his
_q3 conduct" in the battle of Hastings [UM doesn't say this in PM]
_n1 ancestor of English P-re line.
_n2 Name appears in Domesday Book (1086) as Rodbertus de petro ponte,
_n3 along with [brother?] Godefridus de petro ponte, and they hold
_n4 tracts of land in at least Sussex and Suffolk, under Wm Earl Warren.
_n5 "Ex Lib. Domesday sub tit. Sudfol. et Testa de Nevill." [chart]
_q4 What was Godfrey's relationship to Robert? If older brother,
_q5 was Godfrey in residence, or an absentee owner? offspring?
+m /???? __
3>1 {4} William de P-re [ca 1120, time of William 2]
_a "Second lord of the Manor of Hurst Pierrepont" [PD]
+m /???? __
3>11 Hugh de P-re [ca 1160]
_n living in the time of Henry II [1154-1189] [PD PM]
_n2 heraldry arms azure "a chief chequy or & gules" [PSC]
+m /???? __
3>111 William de P-re [ca 1200]
_a of Holywell[PD PM]/Haliwell[UM]/Halliwell, in Suffolk[PD PM]/Lancs.[UM]
_n Gave aid (lordship!) to Monks of Basingwerk in Flintshire [UM]
_n2 "Pat. 10HenV per Inspex" [chart]
_q1 Does he come from Suffolk to take up residence in Sussex?
_q2 Why is he in Suffolk, if he is legal heir and 4th Lord...?
_q3 Perhaps the following Simon was his brother (not son), dwi?
_b for ca1196-1242 period, see numerous refs in Curia Regis Rolls:
_b2 main locations are Suffolk (Robert, Simon) and Sussex (Richard,
_b3 Ralph, William, Robert > Simon); also Lancs (Richard),
_b4 Buck (Robert), Notts (Roger), Lincs (John), Norf (Guy/Wydo)
_b5 forms of name = de Petraponte/PetraPonte/Per(e)pont/Per(i)punt/Perpund
+m /???? __
3>1111 Simon de P-re [ca 1230] dwi/dunm
_a of Hurst/Herst P-re in Sussex
_q Does he count as "5th Lord of the Manor"?
_n with Richard I on crusade at Acre ca 1195 [PSC]
3>1112 Robert de P-re [ca 1230]
_a "6th lord of the Manor" of Hurst Pierrepont [PD]
_n with Richard I on crusade at Acre ca 1195 [PSC]
_n1 Taken prisoner (with Henry3 [UM]) at battle of Lewes in 49HenIII=1264|5
_n2 Ransom of 700 marks paid to free Robert [FW 324]
_n3 Still called "de Petroponte" in royal edicts of that time [FW 324]
_n4 "Rot. Claus, 49HenIII m. 6" [chart]
_q [RE has him Lord of Holme d. 1291 Knighted]
_q1 [chart has him "first son"]
_q2 seems to be confused with son/grandson Henry!!
+m /???? Maud [Mallett]
_f Thomas Mallett [HS4.VN.49]
3>11121 Sir Henry de P-re ca /1250-/1290
_a of Holbeck Woodhouse, in County of Nottingham [Notts !] [PD]
_n Knighted by Edward I in 1280 (8 Edward I) [PD]
_n2 possibly this Henry in 22Hen3[c1237|8] Scarsdale Derbys area [HD1.462]
_n3 possibly this Henry in 4EdwI[c1275|6] "Pipe Roll" [HD1.239; HD2.59]
_n4 possibly this Henry in 10EdwI[c1281|2] "Pipe Roll" [HD1.243]
_n5 ?1287 dispute regarding Sneynton tenant rights [NVH1.326]
+m /???? Alice __ [NVH1.326=Abbrev.Plac.(Rec.Com.) 209]
3>111211 Sir Henry de P-re ????-/1291|2[20EdwI][1292 PD PM HE<UM]
_o a justice of Assize in 8EdwI=1279|80 [NT 88.2];
_o2 see notice in FW 323 re losing his seal.
_n records in NT of suits with Barrys, etc.
_n2 possibly this Henry in 4EdwI[c1275|6] "Pipe Roll" [HD1.239; HD2.59]
_n3 possibly this Henry in 10EdwI[c1281|2] "Pipe Roll" [HD1.243]
_n4 "Rot. Esch. 8EdwI m. 47" [chart]
_q Fought in the battle of Lewes in 1264 [PD PM][?see above, Robert]
+m 1283|4[12EdwI] Annora [de Manvers] /c1252[36Hen3]-/1314 [HS4VN]
_f Only dau of Michael de Manvers[PD]/Maunvers [RE Manners (sic)],
_f2 HS4VN.44 Sir Michael Mannours knt in 39Hen3 son of John, Annora was 3
_fa Lord of the Manor of Holme in the County of Nottingham;
_n sr & heir to Lyonel and John M. [consang. & haer. Jacobi NT 87]
_n2 ? "dna Perpoint" active in Scarsdale Derbys 30Edw1[c1301|2] [HD1.471]
_a Holme thereafter passed into Henry's possession, was called Holme
_a1 juxta Nottingham at the time (to distinguish from a nearby Holme)
_a2 and became known as Holme Pierrepont in the 16th c (RB).
3>1112111 Simon de[PM] P-re [ca /1300]
_n Summoned as Baron [? Knight (RB)] to Parliament 06/08/1304 (32EdwI)[PD]
_n2 NT 88.1[=chart] says June of 22EdwI(1294), for expedition to Gascoine
_n "Rot. T' as con. 22EdwII [sic] in dors m. 8" [chart]
_q PD PM list as dwi (i.e. male?); HP2 [=chart] gives him wife and dau [so UM]
+m /???? __
3>11121111 Sibilla/Sibylla/Sybil[PHC] P-re [UM]
_n "only child" [chart]
+m /???? Edmund de[PHC] Ufford [UM]
3>111211111 Ela de Ufford [PHC]
+m /???? Miles Stapleton /1357-????
3>1112111111 Elizabeth Stapleton [PHC]
+m /???? Robert Brewes
3>11121111111 Agnes Ella Brewes [PHC]
+m /???? William Yelverton
3>111211111111 Margaret Yelverton [PHC]
+m /???? John Pagrave iii /1440-????
3>1112111111111 Henry Pagrave /1470-???? [PHC]
+m /???? Anne Glemham /1478-????
3>11121111111111 John Pagrave [PHC]
3>11121111111112 Clement Pagrave /1503-???? [PHC]
3>11121111111113 Thomas Pagrave /1505-???? [PHC]
+m /???? Alice Gunton /1517-????
3>111211111111131 Gregory Pagrave /1538-???? [PHC]
+m1 ?? Amy Patrick
+m2 ?? Mary Sefoule
+m3 ?? Catherine Pigeon
3>111211111111132 Edward Pagrave /1540-???? [PHC]
+m /???? __
3>1112111111111321 Edward Pagrave /1572-???? [PHC]
+m1 ?? Elizabeth __
+m2 ?? Martha Lynford
3>1112111111111322 __ Pagrave /1574-???? [PHC]
+m /???? John Abell
3>1112111111111323 Gregory Pagrave /1576-???? [PHC]
3>1112111111111324 __ Pagrave /1580-???? [PHC]
+m /???? Richard Russell
3>1112111111111325 Richard Palgrave /1585-???? [PHC]
_q PHC changes spelling here from Pagrave to Palgrave
+m /???? Anne Harris /1594-????
3>11121111111113251 Mary Palgrave /1619-???? [PHC]
+m /???? Roger Wellington /1609-????
3>11121111111113252 Sarah Palgrave /1621-11/29/1665(MA) [PHC]
+m /???? John Alcock /1626-03/27/1667(MA)
_p George Alcock m{c/1620} Anne Hooker
3>111211111111132523 Sarah Alcock /1650-04/03/1715(MA) [PHC]
+m /1670 Zechariah Whitman /1644-11/05/1726(MA)
_p John Whitman 1602-1692 +m 1625 Ruth __ ????-1662 [PHC]
3>1112111111111325232 John Whitman /1674{|88}-08/03/1772 [PHC]
+m /???? Dorcas Green /1684-10/18/1718(MA)
_p Jacob Green 1654-1702 +m 1677 Mary Robinson 1659-???? [PHC]
3>1112111111111325232h John Whitman jr 09/21/1717-09/12/1763(CAN) [PHC]
+m 02/06/1747 Mary Foster
3>1112111111111325232hh Dorcas Whitman 05/05/1749(MA)-04/16/1830 [PHC]
+m /1778{?} Samuel McIntyre /1749{?}-07/14/1827(OntCAN) [PHC]
3>1112111111111325232hhh James McIntyre /1779{?}-/1846{?} [PHC]
+m 02/25/1810 Nancy "Annie" McDormand /1780{?}-05/29/1870
_p Robert McDormand 1750-???? +m 1777 Mary Morrell
3>1112111111111325232hhhh Nancy McIntyre 08/18/1820-10/10/1893 [PHC]
+m /1836 Anslum Guthrie French 07/13/1817-06/12/1893(OntarioCAN)
_p Peter French 1790-1878 +m Rachel Blackburn 1795-1851
3>1112111111111325232hhhhh Sarah Ann French 10/02/1848-12/04/1886 [PHC]
+m 01/04/1865 Duncan Ritchie
3>1112111111111325232hhhhhh Robert James Ritchie 06/12/1867-05/16/1952 [PHC]
_a b in OntCAN d in PocatelloID
+m 12/??/1885 Emma Jane Johns 09/21/1866-12/29/1922(MN) [PHC]
_p Henry Johns +m Margaret Varcoe
3>1112111111111325232hhhhhhh Pauline Elizabeth Ritchie 11/27/1906(MT)- [PHC]
+m 09/16/1933 William Herbert Howley 01/10/1908-08/01/1960 [PHC]
_p Michael Henry Howley 1877-/1928 +m ???? Sarah Jane Payne 1875-/1937
3>1112111111111325232hhhhhhhh Alan Thomas Howley 04/26/1936- [PHC]
+m 07/12/1958 Penelope Edith Mertz 09/20/1937(MI)- [PHC]
_p Arthur Heinrich H. Mertz +m Dorothy Helen Ferguson
3>1112111111111325232hhhhhhhhh Kevin Richard Howley 09/23/1959(MI)- [=PHC]
+m 06/30/1984 Beth Ellen Gaiser dv
3>11121111111113253 Benjamin(1) Palgrave /1622-???? [PHC]
3>11121111111113254 Benjamin(2) Palgrave /1623-???? [PHC]
3>11121111111113255 Elizabeth Palgrave /1626-???? [PHC]
3>11121111111113256 Hannah Palgrave /1628-???? [PHC]
3>11121111111113257 Rebecca Palgrave /1631-???? [PHC]
+m /???? __ Furmath
3>11121111111113258 John Palgrave /1634-???? [PHC]
+m /???? Mary Maverick
3>11121111111113259 Lydia Palgrave /1635-???? [PHC]
+m /???? Edmund Heylett
3>111211111111133 Walter Pagrave /1543-???? [PHC]
3>111211111111134 William Pagrave /1546-???? [PHC]
3>111211111111135 Mary Pagrave /1548-???? [PHC]
+m /???? William Jare
3>111211111111136 Margaret Pagrave /1551-???? [PHC]
+m /???? Robert Durrant
3>111211111111137 Anne Pagrave /1554-???? [PHC]
+m /???? Gregory Clark
3>11121111111114 James Pagrave /1513-???? [PHC]
3>11121111111115 Frances Pagrave [PHC]
+m /???? William F
3>111211111111151 William Pennington jr [PHC]
+m /???? Bridget Hudleston
3>11121111111116 Ann Pagrave [PHC]
+m /???? Humphrey Smallpiece
3>11121111111117 Eleanor Pagrave [PHC]
3>11121111111118 Elizabeth Pagrave [PHC]
3>1112112 Sir Robert de P-re {c1275}-/(7Edw3)1333 [HS4VN.44]
_a of Holme [Pierrepont], knt.
_o governor of Newark Castle ca 11EdwII=1317|8
_n probably this Robert in "Pipe Roll" for 34EdwI[c1305|6] [HD1.163]
_n1 10/27/(9EdwII) charter granting free warren at Holme, etc. [NT 88.2]
_n2 06/27/(10EdwII) King asked his help in war with Scotland [NT 88.1]
_n3 summoned as Baron to Parliament, but died before taking seat [FW 323]
_n4 UM attributes Baron claim to "Camden in his account of Notts"
_w1 TS6.59-61 Inquisition post Mortem dated 6 Mar 8EdwIII[1333|4] [see HS4]
_w2 TS6.59-61 lists land holdings, etc., left to his son Henry, age 12
_w3 name spelled Perepount and Pirpount
+m1 ?? Sarah/Sara Heriz/Herrize\2 [NT 300]
_p sr & heir of Sir John Heriz/Herrize[PD PM] knt (Wingfield, County Derby)
_q PD PM HE say dau of Sir John Herrize, UM says sr of John son of John !
_n bore dau Margaret, +m Sir Gervase Clifton knt, and Henry
+m2 ?? Cecily __\4
_p dau of Annesley (Annesley) [cf. *NEHGS/
_n Children include Robert, George, Ralph, John [PFN]
_q is there confusion here with the other Robert who +m Cicily?
3>11121121 Margaret(a) P-re "3EdwIII[1329],51EdwIII[1378]" [TS13.36]
_q was she first child, as implied by PD?
+m /1325(?) Sir Gervase Clifton knt /1313(?)-/????
_f Sir Robert de Clifton (17EdwII) d 1EdwIII[1327] [TS6.21-23]
_m +m Emme/Emma, dau of Sir William Moton [NT 54.1]
_a Cliftons lived at Clifton (county Nottingham), 3 mi west of Trent Bridge;
_a2 some fine monuments survive in the Clifton Church (RB).
_n Gervase was married young by parents, was only 14 in 1EdwIII[1327]
_n2 the year after his father died [NT 54.1][TS6.23]
[m2] Isabella __ [TS13.36; "27EdwIII, 33EdwIII" = ?]
3>11121121h Robert de Clifton
+m Agnes de Grey [TS13.37 "35EdwIII"]
3>11121121hh Johannes de Clifton /????-/4HenIV[c1403]
+m Catherina Cressy [TS13.37]
3>11121121hhh Gervase de Clifton [TS13.37 "obiit 10EdwIV"]
+m Isabella de Braburn, wd William Scott [TS13.37]
3>11121121hhhh Gervassis de Clifton [TS13.37 "obiit 8dec32HenVI"]
+m Isabella
3>11121121hhhi Robert de Clifton [TS13.37 "ob. 9apr18EdwIV"[1478]]
+m Alicia Boothe de Barton /????-09/09/1470
3>11121121hhhih Gervase de Clifton [TS13.37 "ob. 12may6HenVII"[ ]]
+m1 Alicia Nevill de Rolleston\1
+m2 Agnes Constable de Flamburgh, wd Sir Walter Griffith
3>11121121hhhihh Gervase de Clifton [TS13.37 "ob. 5jun23HenVII"[ ]]
+m1 Agnes Griffith\1
+m2 Joana Bussey, wd Sir Nicholas Byron knt
3>11121121hhhihhh Robert de Clifton [TS13.38 "ob. 9sep9HenVIII"[ ]]
+m1 Anna Clifford\1
+m2 Alicia Digby
3>11121121hhhihhhh Gervase Clifton [TS13.38 "ob. 20jan30Elz"[ ]]
+m1 Maria Nevill
+m2 Winifrid Thwaytes de Oulton\1
3>11121121hhhihhhhh George Clifton [TS13.38 "ob. 5aug29Elz"[ ]]
+m Winifrid Thorold
3>11121121hhhihhhhhh Gervase Clifton [TS13.38 "29Elz"]
3>11121122 Sir Henry de P-re knt ca /1322-/????
_a of Holme [Pierrepont]
_n "only son" [chart]; was 12 years old in 20may8EdwIII[1334]
+m /???? Margaret Fitz William/Williams\2
_f Sir William Fitz William/Williams knt (Emley/Emsey/Elmsley)
_m +m Maude, dau of Edmund, Baron Deincourt.
_ff Sir William Fitz William(s) was a grandson{PMn3 son} of
_fff Sir Thomas Fitz William(s), the son of Sir William Fitz
_ffp William(s) and Ella Plantagenet.
_ffmf Ella was dau of Hameline Plantagenet, an illegitimate son of
_ffmff Geoffrey Plantagenet and natural half-brother of
_ffmffn King Henry II of England, Count of Anjou, etc.
_n7 Hameline Plantagenet became Earl of Surrey in right of
_n8 his wife Isabel, dau of William de Warren, Earl of Surrey.
_b UM and COLLINS' PEERAGE OF ENGLAND, in 9 volumes.
_b2 London: 1812. See vol. V, page 381 {is this solid data?? (RB)}.
3>111211221 Henry P-re ????-/1329|30(3EdwIII) dwi
3>111211222 Sir Edmund[RE Edward] de P-re ????-/1370(FR) [HS4VN.44 Edmond]
_a 6th "proprietor"[PD]/"lord" [so PM] of Holme P-re
_q RB says not Lord = Baron
_a2 also acquired manor of Bughton by fine in 29EdwIII(1355|6) [NT 88.2]
_n was knt in 33EdwIII[=1360], warred under Henry Duke of Lancaster [UM]
_n2 TS6.93 calls him "Lord" and "knight" in Jne 1345 Inquisition
_n3 TS6.192 calls him "Edmund le Pierpount" in Sep 1342 Inquisition
_n4 TS12.19 calls him Edmund Pirpoint knt in 1363 Inquisition
_n5 TS12.58 refers to "Edward de Pirpount" in 1366, probably this person
_m Was descended through his mother from
_m2 the Kings of France and England and from the Counts
_m3 of Normandy, Flanders and Anjou.
_n6 He died at Gascoigne/Vasconia, France, in 1370; bones to Holme-P-re
+m /1355|6(29EdwIII) Joan/Joane [Montboucher] [HS4VN.47-48]
_p only dau of Sir George Mon(t)boucher knt (Gamulston/Go-/Co-, Notts)
3>1112112221 Sir Edmund[RE -ward] P-re knt ca /1423
_a of Holme [Pierrepont]
_n became knt in 1422|3(1HenVI); "de" disappears from name [UM]
_n2 is this the Edmund Perpound knt in TS12.90 from 1383? see TS12.64
_n3 also TS12.115-116 has Sir Edward Perepount knt in 1390 Inquisitions
_n4 "Pierpoint, Ed. Chev." appears in 13Hen4[c1411|2] Derbys doc. [HD1.484]
_n5 TS12.175 has Edmund Perpond knt in 1422 Inquisition
_n6 TS12.186 has Edward Perpont knt and (heir) Henry Perpont knt in 1427
+m1 /1422|3(1HenVI) Frances [Franke]
_p dau of Sir William Franke knt (Grimsby, County Lincoln), co-heir.
+m2 ?? Frances wd of Walter Bamston dwi
_p dau of Thomas Kingsman
3>11121122211 Sir Henry P-re knt ????-(pre-/1453)
_a of Holme [Pierrepont]
_n Living 1427, 1440|1 (19HenVI), d before 1453 (31HenVI).
_n1 "Henry Pierpoint Chev." in 1Hen6[c1422|3] [HD2.317]
_n2 TS12.186 has Edward Perpont knt and (heir) Henry Perpont knt in 1427
_n3 "Henry Pierpoint of Holm Notts kt" in 10Hen6[c1431|2] [HD1.497,505]
_n4 "Henry Pierpont kt" in 11Hen6[c1432|3] Chesterfield Derbys [HD2.337]
_n5 ? "Henry Pierpoint, Esq., Alderman of the guild of the Holy Cross in ==
_n5+= All Saints', Chesterfield" 23Hen6[c1444|5] [HD2.324]
_n6 ? "Sir Henry Pierpont, brother of the guild of the Holy Cross, ==
_n6+= at Chesterfield" 28Hen6[c1449|50] [HD2.337]
_q is he the "Hy. Pierpoint, Chev." at Agincourt 25oc1415 [HD2.141]?
+m /1440|1(19HenVI) Ellen/Elena [Langford]
_q date for +m seems late; is it 19HenIV[c1417|8]?
_f dau of Sir Nicholas Langford knt [so also HS4VN.55-56]
_kq HS4VN.50 has her as Margerett sr of Sir John Langford Knt!
_m but see HS4VN.25, Nicholas Langford +m Margerett Mark
_b See Dugdales Baronage I 580 {is it reliable?? (RB)}.
3>111211222111 Henry P-re dy
3>111211222112 Henry P-re esq ca /1468 (8EdwIV)
_a of Holme [Pierrepont]
_o High Sheriff of Nottingham and Derby.
_n called Henricus Perepont Armigerus [HS4VN.44]
_n2 ? "Henry Pierpoint, Esq., Alderman of the guild of the Holy Cross in ==
_n2+= All Saints', Chesterfield" 23Hen6[c1444|5] [HD2.324]
_n3 ? "Sir Henry Pierpont, brother of the guild of the Holy Cross, ==
_n3+= at Chesterfield" 28Hen6[c1449|50] [HD2.337]
+m /???? Thomasin[UM PD PM]/Tomasin [Melton chart]
_p dau of Sir John Melton knt (Melton Hall, County Derby)
_q HP chart says Meltons came from Ashton, Cnty Ebor
3>1112112221121 Sir Henry P-re knt ????-/1473|4(13EdwIV) dwi
_n service to King noted, given part of Staley manor 5EdwIV [NT 89]
_n2 Knighted 1471|2(11EdwIV) for valor at battle of Barton (Tonton [RB])
_n3 made will in 1489 and it was probated 12/18/1499 [PD](RB !).
_q something must be amiss with the dates; perhaps 1474 ?!
_q2 HS4VN.44-45 call him Sir Henry Perepoint Knt. 1463 (twice; why 1463?)
_n4 But 1767 art in #M says dwi and Francis "succeeded to the inher."[!]
_n5 Could this mean F's heirs, since F presumably had died also?
+m1 ?? __ dau of Hugh Hastings (Fenwick, County York)
_x PD confuses things: "... of Fenwick in Cornwall, Ebor" {sic!}
+m2 ?? __ dau of ... Roos(e) (Ingmanthorp {Jugm.?}, Cnty Ebor) [NT 87]
_x not mentioned in PD (a line or two dropped out?)
3>1112112221122 {Sir?} Francis P-re ????-11/09/1495
_a Holme [HS4VN.50]
+m1 ?? Margaret/Margerett, dau of John Burdon/Burden Esq
_n So UM>PM17[= mother of Sir William], but PFN does not identify her.
_n2 So also HS4VN, but ch = Francis dwi, Nicholas, Henery
_q PD does not mention a first marriage, and thus avoids two sons William
+m2 ?? __[UM>PD PM]/Margaret[so PFN confused?] P-re\3[UM<PM]\4[PD]
_a of Landford near Newark [presumably csn ?!]
_x 1st name unkn according to UM PD PM17p17
_n UM>PMp17 says she bore William(2), Francis & Henry! PD has son#1 dwi
_n2 "after many descents that estate came again into the family. This
_n3 P-re bore the like arms, only Roses Gules, in lieu of Cinquefoils" [UM]
3>11121122211221 = 17> Sir William P-re ????-29/au/1533 [PSC9302]
_a of Holme Pierrepont
_q not Knight Banneret[UM]/Baronet[PD]/Bart[PM] according to RB
_n "made Knight of the sword, 18 Feb 1503" [chart]
_n1 Made knt Banneret after Battle of Spurs in 1513(5HenVIII) [1514 ?UM]
_n2 TS3.34(etc) has him knt by 1505, "sir" by 1511, active to 1532
_n3 "knt(02/18/1503)" in original RAK listing [PM?]
_n4 "ex collect. Nic. Jekull." [chart]
+m1 ?? Joan(e)/(a) [Stapleton]\1[dau UM>PM18 dau Amon PJPchart]
_n name given as Ann (Stapleton) in PSC
_p dau of Sir Brian Stapleton knt [so UM PM18 NT HP]
_x PD PFN reverse wives & offspring [RB4 as here = PSC]
_n2 PD ascribes 2 children to 1st wife (Joan E): George and Thomas
+m2 ?? Jane/Jana/Anne [Empson][\son George NT 87 PM18] [\4 PD PFN]
_n name given as Jane (corr from Joan) in PSC, d 29au1541
_q no first name in UM, Anne in PM (Joan...Anne in confused PD)
_q2 HS4VN.50 she +m Sir Nicholas P-re of Holme P-re, producing son George ==
_q3 == but HS4VN.56 says +m Sir William Perpoynt, producing son George
_p dau of Sir Richard Empson knt, Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster
_x PD PFN reverse wives & offspring [RB4 as here but calls her "Joan E."]
_g buried Averam/Averham near Newark [PSC9302 < Thoresby bk of rentals]
_n1 PD ascribes 4 children to 2nd wife (Anne S): Edmund +m __ Heron\0,
_n1a [PSC has Edmund +m Dorothy 5th dau of Nicholas Byron\0]
_n2 Frances dwi, John, Elizabeth +m1 John Sacheverell +m2 Edward Ferrers
_n3 RB4 has Joan E. +m1 Henry Southall
3>111211222112211 = 17>1 Elizabeth [NT87 UM; see PM18(unnamed)]
_q in PD Elizabeth is 4th child of 2nd marriage (Anne Stapleton)
+m /???? John Sacheverel(l) [NT 50,87] Esq (Morley, Derbys)
_f first son of Henry Sacheverell knt /????-/21jul1558 [TS13]
_m +m Isabella dau of __ Montgomery [TS13]
_q in PD Elizabeth +m1 John S +m2 Edward Ferrers
3>1112112221122111 = 17>11 Johannes Sacheverell [TS13]
+m Katherine Fitzherbert
_f Anthony Fitzhebert knt
3>11121122211221111 = 17>111 Henry Sacheverell [TS13]
+m1 Elizabeth Keys\2 [TS13; not clear whether +m1 or m2]
+m2 Jana Bradbourne\3 [TS13; not clear whether +m1 or m2]
3>1112112221122112 = 17>12 Radulphus Sacheverell [TS13]

3>111211222112212 = 17>2 Sir George P-re knt ????-03/21/1564
17>2 = 3>111211222112212 Sir George P-re knt ????-03/21/1564
_a of Holme Pierrepont; also Codgrave, Barton in the Beans, Clipston,
_a2 Sneynton, Widmerpole, Weston, Bondbulke, Landworth,
_a2+ Howbek[-Holbeck Woodhouse (Herb Strange)], Cuckney,
_a3 "and divers other lands and advowsons of the Churches" [HE<UM]
_a4 "of Whalley, Derbyshire" [TS20.142], assumed Norton Cuckney advowson=
_a5= in jl1540 when Welbeck Abbey was dissolved.
_o Lord of Several manors in Nottingham and Derby,
_o2 One of the Knights of the Carpet created at
_o3 the coronation of Edward VI on 02/22/1547.
_n "ex lib. Cedul. f. 465 Nott." [chart]
_w copy of will obtained by Herb Strange (to rak 9/91: PSC9109)
_g bd 04/07/1564; see letters in Folger Library
_b see Gary Boyd Roberts, Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants...(1993) 161
+m1 25/no/1532 [PSC] Elizabeth Babbington/Babin-\1 or 2 ????-11/09/1547
_q PD gives d as 1543 [=PSC]
_p dau of Sir Anthony Babbington knt (Dethick, County Derby)
_a ancient Notts fam, monuments at Kingston [Kinston PSC] on Soar (RB)
_g d & buried at West Malling in Kent according to PD [=PSC]
_n Elizabeth Babbington was an intimate friend of Mary Stuart,
_n2 Queen of Scots; see Lamartine's Life of Mary Stuart, or
_n3 Mary Queen of Scots by Antonia Fraser.
+m2 ?? Winifred(e)/Winnefred Thwaits/Thwaites/Twaits\6
_p dau William Thwaits/Thwaites/Twaits Esq (Norfolk/Oulton, Essex)
_n RB4 implies this is 1st +m for George P-re (simplified chart?)
[m2] Sir Gervase knt [NT 87]
17>21 Annora P-re
_x not Amor [PD] or Amer [PFN]
+m /???? John Rossell/Rosel[NT 87] (Radcliffe Notts)
_x Radcliffe (RB), not Ratcliffe [PD PM]
17>22 Elizabeth P-re [HP2 chart]
_q not included on NT 87 chart or by PD PM
+m /???? Richard Walshall (Frolesworth, Leicests)
17>23 Sir Henry P-re knt [1545|6]-03/19{09("nono die")}/1615{|6 RP}
_n ag 69 [PM2], ag 69 1/2 03/19/1615 [GS]
+m /???? Frances Cavendish ????-01/??/1632
_f eldest dau of Sir Wm Cavendish (Chatsworth, Derby)
_m +m Elizabeth Hardwick (Hardwick Hall) [+m1 Barky +m2 WC >
_mn > +m3 St.Lo +m4 George Earl of Shrewsbury (RB)]
_mo Elizabeth, Countess of Shrewsbury [so GS, see NT 91]
17>231 Robert P-re 08/06/1584-07/30/1643(killed at Gainsborough)
_e "sometime gent. commoner of Oriel Coll." (OxGrad)
_e2 "of Gray's Inn 1600" (OxGrad)
_o MP Nottinghamshire 1601 (OxGrad)
_o1 Baron P-re & Viscount Newark (06/29/1627), Earl of Kingston
_o2 upon Hull (07/25/1628[=4ChI]); Lt Gen for Charles I
_n called "the Good Earl"; see FW 323 for notice as "Armig."
_n2 "created D.C.L. 1no1642" (OxGrad)
_n3 patron of new rector at Norton Cuckney in oct1621 [TS20.143]
_q PD says 3jy not 30jy (=OxGrad) for death, bd at Cuckney Notts
_b Fasti 2.36, Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary (OxGrad)
+m 01/08?/1601[? RP] Gertrude Talbot 09/29/1580-/1649
_f Henry Talbot, son of George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury
_m +m1 first wife [not Elizabeth Hardwick (RB)]; [RB4 has Eliz. Reyner]
_mn wife of Henry Talbot was dau & heir of William Raynor knt [NT 87]
_n Long tomb inscription in HP Church, by her son Gervaise [NT 90]
_n2 GS says died in 61st year = 1649; thus born 1589 not 1580?
17>2311 Henry P-re /1607?(bp 04/1607)-12/01/1680 (bd 01/15/"1680" RP)
_qd OxGrad listing has "died in Charterhouse yard 8 Dec. 1680"
_e "member of Gray's Inn 1651, fellow college of physicians,
_e2 London, 1658, 'and became their pride and glory'" (OxGrad)
_o 2nd Earl of Kingston (1643) & Baron P-re
_o2 Marquis/Marquess of Dorchester (03/25/1644|45[=20ChI])
_i portrait {?}
_n summoned to Parliament 1640; ag 65 in 1672 [NT 87]
_n2 tiff with Roos recorded Aug(?) 1660 Calendar of State Papers
_q prob not the H. P-i Esq who was Burgess of Nott in 1627|8(3ChsI) [N2]
_q2 but see OxGrad listing "M.P. Nottingham 1628-9"
_b Fasti 2.37, Munk's Roll 1.282 (OxGrad)
+m1 ?? Cecelia/Cecilia Bayning[PD-PM]/Banning[NT]\3 ??-(bd 09/30/1639)
_n d at Twickenham Middlesex, bd at Holme P-re [PD]
_p dau & coheir of Paul, Viscount Bayning/Banning (Sudbury)
+m2 ?? Catherine Stanley\2
_p James Stanley, Earl(Comte) of Derby
17>23111 Anne[PD PM]/Anna/Ann P-re
_n dv by Act of Parliament in 1666, children bastardized
_n2 see Dict of Nat Biogr for details
+m /???? John Manners, Lord Roos, 1st Duke of Rutland (dv /1666)
_p son of Earl of Rutland, son of Grace P-re Manners of Haddon (RB)
_n Created Duke of Rutland (1703)
[m2] __
17>23112 Grace[PD PM]/Gracia P-re /1634|5-03/25/1703 ag 68 unm [PD]
_g bd in Church of St.Anne at Westminster
_n Lady of the bedchamber [Lady in Waiting] to Queen Anne
_I portrait
17>23113 Robert P-re (b 03/17/1631|32)-???? dy [PD]
_n bap at St.Margarets, Westminster
_n not listed on NT 87
17>23114 Henry P-re unm dy
_n not on charts in NT 87 or HP2
17>23115 Mary P-re unm dy
_n not on charts in NT 87 or HP2
17>2312 Frances P-re /????-/16?? (predeceased her father)
_n charted as child #6 in NT 87; "first dau" [chart]
+m /???? Philip Rolleston/Roleston/Rolston[NT 87] Esq
17>2313 Mary P-re 02/??/1619-???? dy
_n not charted on NT 87; "second dau" [chart]
17>2314 William P-re /1608-08/??/1678{|9[HP2]} (bd 08/16/1678 RP)
_a Orton, Hants; purchased Thoresby [? RB thinks he inherited it
_a2 as was custom for 2nd son to inherit dower of his mother]
_n "the wise" or "wise Wm"; friend of Cromwell but voted against
_n2 execution of King Charles I; ag 64 in 1672 [NT 87]
_q RB4 has born 1607, [chart] has died 1679
+m /???? Elizabeth Harris\10 ????-/1656 [PD]
_f dau & heir of Sir Thomas Harris Brt (Tong Castle, Shropshire=Salop)
_ff "...Harris Serv. ad Legem." [NT 87]
17>23141 Robert P-re (St.Giles in Field) 8/30/1636-/1669
_n tomb at West Dene/Dean, on border of Hampshire & Wiltshire
+m /???? Elizabeth Evelyn
_p dau & coheir of Sir John Evelyn knt (West Dene/Dean, Wilts)
17>231411 Robert ??-06/1682(Dieppe FR) (bd 07/19/1682 RP) unm
_o 3rd Earl of Kingston, Viscount Newark, Baron P-re
_I portrait
_n died while searching for good health [RB]
17>231412 Gertrude P-re (1661-??)
+m /???? Charles, Lord Cheyne, Viscount New Haven [Eng]
_n some sort of scandal here [RB]
17>231413 William /1662-09/17{20[HP1=chart]}/1690 (bd 10/06/1690 RP) dwi
_ab "born at West Dene Wilts" (OxGrad)
_e Oxford Trinity Coll., subscribed 16jy1681 (OxGrad)
_o 4th Earl of Kingston 1682, etc.
_q [chart] has d 20 sept 1690
+m /???? Jane[PD]/Ann Greville ????-/1698 dwi
_n bd at Holme P-re 09/23/1702 [PD]
[m2] William P-re (of Nottingham) = 17>231614
_p eldest dau & coheir of Robert Greville, Lord Brooke
17>231414 Evelyn/Evelin /1665-03/05/1725|6 (bd 03/18/1725 RP)
_o succeeded as Earl of Kingston, etc., 1690 [chart]
_o1 created Marquis of Dorchester 23 Dec 5Ann=1706 [chart]
_o2 with remainder to [uncle] Gervase Lord P-re & his heirs male [chart]
_o3 1st Duke of Kingston (1715) by pat. 20 July 1715 [chart]
_o4 Lord Privy Seal 1716, Pres. of the Council 1719 (etc.) [chart]
_o5 Knight of the Garter 24 June 1720 [chart] or (1719|20)
_q Marquis of Dorchester (1720) {1706 chart = PD}
_q1 died March 1726 [chart]
_i portrait
+m1 05/27/1687 Mary Fielding\4 /1667|8-12/20/1692 (bd 12/20/1692 RP)
_q Foster LondMarrLic has +m 27 June 1687 (MiddlesexENG)
_f William Fielding (3rd Earl of Denbigh, 2nd Earl of Desmond)
_k (sr of Basil/Bazil Fielding, 4th Earl of Denbigh)
_fn deceased at time of her wedding; called "late Earl of Denbigh"
_m +m Mary King
_mn at wedding, she gets consent of "Mary, Countess of Denbigh"
_n second cousin of Henry Fielding (novelist)
+m2 ?? Isabella Bentinck\2 ????-02/23/1728(Paris)
_p youngest dau of William Bentinck, Earl of Portland
_i portrait
_q confusion of Isabellas? who +m Lord Gower in 1714 (see below)
17>2314141 Mary P-re /1690(Thoresby)-/1761|2
_q RLIN says 1689-1762
_o Author "Lady Mary Wortley Montagu(e)"
_n Introduced smallpox vaccine to England after 1718
_b 3 vol ed of letters/works by great grandson, Lord Wharncliffe
_b2 1803 ed by Dallway based on grandson's collection of MSS
_b3 Biog by Halstand (RB)
+m /1712 Edward Wortley Montagu(e)
_o Lord of Treasury (1714), Ambassador to Constantinople (1716)
17>23141411 Edward Wortley Montagu(e) /1713-/1776
_c Autobiography in 3 vols (1869)
_b2 (biog) EWM, by Jonathan Curling (London: Melrose, 1954)
17>23141412 Mary Montagu
+m /???? John, Earl of Bute
_n Prime Minister to George iii around 1760s
17>23141412h [grandson, Marquis of Bute, with collection of MSS]
17>2314142 William 10/21/1692-07/01/1713 ag 21{sic! PD}
_n bd 07/09/1713 and called "Earl of K." [RP]; also called Lord K.
+m /???? Rachel Baynton ??/??/??-05/18/1722(bd 05/26/1722 Holme-P-re)
_n called "Countess of K." (RP)
_p Thomas Baynton Esq
17>23141421 Evelyn /1710|1-09/23/1773(Bath) dwi ag 62 [PD]
_o 2nd Duke of K. (1726), Master of Stag Hounds (1738),
_o1 Knight of Garter 20 March 1741 [chart] or (1740-41),
_o2 Lord of the Bedchamber, Major Gen in Army (1755)
_o3 Lieut. Gen. Lord Warden of Forest Sherwood & Cust. Rot. Com. Nott.
+m /???? Elizabeth Chudleigh /1719-/1788 (bigamy trial Parliament 1775?)
[m0] Hervey, Lord Bristol
_n Tried/convicted for bigamy in struggle between Church and State law
_b The Virgin Mistress by Mavor; etc.
17>23141422 Frances P-re (ca /1712|13)-????
_I portrait
+m /???? Philip Meadows/Medows (St.Georges, Hanover Square, London [RB]
_p Sir Philip Meadows
_o ranger of Richmond Park (grand Crown appointment) [RB]
_q PD puts Hanover Square in Middlesex
17>231414221 Evelyn Meadows
17>231414222 Charles Meadows (P-re) 11/14/1737-08/26/1816
_o Member of Parliament 1778-1796; knt of Nott 1780 [N2]
_n renamed P-re (1788), inherited lands, created (1796) Lord P-re of HP and
_n1 Viscount Newark (did not inherit peerages [RB], not "Baron")
_n2 raised to an Earldom as Earl Manvers (1806)
+m /1774 Anne/Annie Mills ????-06/17/1816
_p William Mills (Petersham on Thameside edge of Richmond Park)
17>2314142221 Evelyn Henry Fredric P-re 01/18/1775-07/22/1801
_o represented Notts in 2 successive Parliaments
_n GS in HP Ch, recorded in PMp129 by Henry Evelyn P-re in 1833
17>2314142222 Charles Herbert P-re 08/11/1778-??/??/1860 inherited lands
_o second Earl Manvers
_I portrait
+m /???? Mary Hardolf ????-10/27/1860
_p Anthony Hardolf Esq
17>23141422222 Sidney Wm Herbert P-re 03/12/1825-/1900
_o 3rd Earl Manvers, inherited lands
_I portrait
+m 06/15/1852 Georgine Jane Elizabeth Fanny de Franquetot
_p 2nd dau of Duke de Coigny
_I portrait
17>231414222221 Charles Wm Sydney P-re 08/02/1854-????
_o 4th Earl Manvers, inherited lands
_I portrait
+m /???? Helen Shaw-Stewart
_p Sir Michael Robert Shaw-Stewart (Bart)
17>2314142222211 Evelyn Robert P-re
17>2314142222212 Cicely Mary P-re
+m /???? Col Hardy [RB]
17>2314142222213 Alice Helen P-re
17>2314142222214 Sibell P-re 05/19/1892-
+m /???? Hubert Davys Argles
_p Canon Argles seated at HP
17>231414222222 Lady Mary Augusta P-re 12/21/1865-????
_I portrait
+m 04/04/1899 John Peter Grant of Rothiemurc(h)us
17>2314142222221 Patrick Grant /1900-
+m /???? __ [had issue]
17>2314142222222 Alexander Ludovic Grant 03/26/1901-
+m 04/09/1946 Elizabeth Langley (wd of Cpt J. G. F. Buxton)
_p dau of Maj Barbour of Bolesworth Castle, Chesh.
17>23141422222221 Carolin Mary Grant 02/24/1947-
+m 08/19/1967 Robert Paton-Smith
17>231414222222211 Benjamin Alexander Wm Paton-Smith 07/21/1968-
17>231414222222212 Harry Ludovic Paton-Smith 08/09/1972-
17>23141422222222 Alexandra Jean Grant 10/01/1949-
17>2314142222223 Gregor Grant /1902-
+m /???? __ [and had issue]
17>2314142222224 Jean Cecely Grant 05/02/1909-
+m 07/02/1935 Ian Keith Matheson
17>23141422222241 Elizabeth Katherine Mary Matheson 09/23/1936-
+m ??/??/19?? Robert Graham Langton Brackenbury
17>231414222222411 Robert Patrick Langton Brackenbury 03/31/1964-
17>231414222222412 Mary Brackenbury 05/03/1967-
+m 27ja1996(Holme-P-re) Edward Stansfeld
_n descendant of John Harpur +m Isabel(la) P-re (ca 1550-??)
17>2314142223 William P-re
17>2314142224 Edward P-re
17>2314142225 Thomas P-re
17>2314143 Frances P-re
+m[2] /1711 John Erskine/Ereskin /1671-/1732 (11th Earl of Marr/Mar)
[m1] __ Buchan (csn)
_n led Marr's Rebellion, attained for treason
17>2314143h __ ("had children" [FW])
17>2314144 Evelyn P-re ????-/1727 (f)
+m /???? John Leveson-Gower, 1st Earl Gower 1694-1754
_f John Leveson-Gower, 1st Baron Gower of Sittenham
_m +m Lady Catherine Manners
_b NEHGS Nexus 13.6(1996) 205ii "descendants of Earl a