Papyri with Pictures and Designs in the University of Pennsylvania Museum Collection

Compiled by Robert A. Kraft, starting 10 August 2010 [latest update 10au2010]

The information has been extracted from the provisional Museum Inventory list. See this online article for an earlier (more organized) compilation of these and related materials.

Bold type indicates that the scanned image is available at the official SCETI site (in process 13 January 2009); most other image links are "unofficial," from digital images taken by R.A.Kraft for research purposes, with permission of the Egyptology section, starting in Fall 2008.

Various types of non-textual materials are listed here, including some in which text does accompany the drawings, as with Egyptian Book of the Dead (and related) fragments. There is no syatematic attempt to catalog all the cartonnage pieces, except where enough of the original design has survived to suggest what it may have looked like, at least in part.

29-086-490 papyrus, four plates with Hieratic pieces and drawings (one side only); some pieces still need flattening); it is not clear how many separate documents are represented.

  DAN 213 

  RAK digital images 10mr2010 [7330-36; access restricted]

    plate 1 (about 20 + 40, mostly drawings)


29-086-491  papyrus, two plates with Hieroglyphic and Hieratic pieces and drawings (one side only); at least two separate documents seem to be represented.   

 DAN 229          

  RAK digital images 17mr2010 [7440-43; access restricted]

    plate 1 (about 14 + 26 similar pieces with Hieroglyphic text and drawings)

    plate 2 (about 15 + 35 similar pieces, with Hieratic text and drawings)


29-086-492 papyrus, about 10 + 5 pieces of HIEROGLYPHICS with drawings (poorly mounted), probably from the same document.


    RAK digital images 19my2010 [*8072-73; access restricted]


29-086-495 papyrus, about 50 + 50 small HIEROGLYPHIC pieces, with drawings and colors (one side only); probably from the same document


  RAK digital images 05my2010 [*7936-39; access restricted]

29-086-498 papyrus, two pieces; painted cartonnage (and Greek back side) & bitumen encased Hieratic scroll (4568; access restricted)]

  DAN 554

  RAK digital images 12my2009 [4568-70]


29-086-501 four small similar Hieroglyphic/Hieratic papyrus scraps, with drawing -- / blank || (traces of blackish substance)

  DAN 300 X (730)

  RAK digital images 12my2009 [4543-44; access restricted]

29-086-0525 papyrus "removed from mud stopper of jar 238" CARTONNAGE #1 (other side) [3 + 10, same piece? ] and #2 (12 + 13; Ptolemaic Greek on the other side, perhaps from the same document)

  DAN 1463

  RAK digital images 12my2009 [4574-78]


29-087-0560 papyrus embedded in bitumen, four pieces (one a drawing of woman's head) probably from the same Hieroglyphic/Hieratic text  [access restricted])      

  DAN [get details]

  RAK digital images 12my2009 [4571-73]


32-042-528 [31-12-104] 7 + 30 pieces of  CARTONNAGE  with red paint, and some text on the other side (at least two Demotic [access restricted], Greek #1, #2, #3, #4 [note on box: "Greek frag in photo 1021 fell to pieces in Cairo Museum. AR" = Alan Rowe) (remains)  

  MEYDUM  AN15   (coffin #5)  15-52-3

  Archives box 249, neg 34725, 36491 [imaged both, 04au2010]

  RAK digital images 07my2009 [4515-16, 4520; 10 + 25 pieces]]

32-042-529 [31-12-105] papyrus cartonnage parts of face and other designs, other side covered with gesso (many pieces)  

  MEYDUM  AN15   14-52-4

  Archives box 249, neg 36493 [got, 04au2010]

  RAK digital images 07my2009 [face side only] [4422 (box), 4512-14]

  RAK digital images 05my2010 [7965-66] & 12my2010 [7988-91]


38-028-049A papyrus, HIEROGLYPHIC Book of the Dead, with some red lettering and part of a drawing [identical to the next entry]

  RAK digital images 05my2010 [*7950-55]

38-028-"123" Hieroglyphic papyrus panel mounted on cardboard, text with red lettering and part of a picture on right, Book of the Dead? [see previous entry; check cards]

  RAK digital images 03mr2010 [6744; access restricted]


E 03068 = PHib 1.013 (plate 5) "Hippias ?" on Music (280-240 bce cartonnage) 15.6 x ?? / other side [transcriptions needed]
RAK color slides (3), RAK digital images 2009

E 16305Q papyrus, floral design on one side, blank on the other [see 16450]


E 16391 (back image doesn't come up)  vellum,  COPTIC amulet? drawings and text 

  [get images]

E 16392  vellum, COPTIC amulet with images / back blank 

E 16393  vellum,COPTIC folded amulet, symbols / blank back 

E 16402  DRAWING  paper, COPTIC? image on both sides, no visible text 

E 16448 and 16305(z) Ouroboros -- [see also] / some (blotted?) ink on back ||

E 16449   DRAWING            papyrus,

Image of Agave holding severed head of Pentheus -- / blank || 

E 16450  DRAWING            papyrus,

Textile pattern ("cartoon")   -- / blank back ||  [plus 16305Q

E 16451 [several fragments, jigsaw puzzle; large letters or design]]



MATERIAL: papyrus,



NOTES: This piece has two small Arabic fragments with it (DV #1 fragment of a protocol, 3rd ah=9th ce)

  RAK digital images (panel 1 (7 pieces -- / back blank ||), panel 2 (11 + 2 pieces [some normal writing as well]), panel 3 (11 + 5 pieces) 16je2009 [***4867-72] needs lots more work!

E 16503 masklike picture or large letters

E 16530 paper, rough drawing of a face

   RAK digital images 2009 [4181] [get other side]

E 16531 leather, colored drawing of vase, etc.

   RAK digital images 2009 [4179] [get other side]


E 16541 (see also 16537 and "Blue Box")

["numerous fragments from cartonnage (11 pieces = panel 1 [paint], other side [blank]; about 20 pieces = panel 2 [paint], other side [mostly blank]; about 40+ scraps = panel 3 [paint], other side [mostly blank] -- and there are many more!), some from Greek and Demotic documents"]

  RAK digital images 23je2009 [4409-15, 4887-94]

  RAK digital images, 24mr2010 ("Blue Box" contents) [##]

E 16664 papyrus, ARABIC both sides (design dividing text on ||) "prayers and charms" (DV #149)


E 16690.05 (formerly "y") design on leather [JW photo]

   RAK digital image of design 2009

E 16695   papyrus,

panel #4 (backside #4) -- 14 + 3 pieces

papyri with drawn lines (no lettering, blank backs; 3)

E 16753  CARTONAGE [on display]

GREEK ["Cartonnage plaque from mummy made of stucco and papyrus, the latter showing ends of lines of Greek writing"]

   RAK digital image 2009 [find]

"box" (not yet further identified)

  RAK digital images 30je2009

panel 1 (restricted access) -- about 23 hieroglyphic fragments

panel 2 (restricted access) -- 22 hieroglyphic fragments (some with red ink & black ink columns; some very dark)

panel 3 (restricted access) miscellaneous small fragments

panel 4 -- miscellaneous small fragments, including patterns

panel 5.1 -- part of a pattern (including 4 joined fragments)

panel 5.2 -- 3 dark fragments with an image and pattern

panel 5.4 -- 10 fragments of a pattern (extracted from panel 4 and panel 5.3)

panel 5.5 -- about 12 pattern fragments (extracted from panel 4 and panel 5.3)

panel 5.6 -- fragments (with some joins) of a pattern using red lines (extracted from panel 5.3)

panel 6 -- remaining tiny fragments


//end; updated 10au2010//