Prepared Remarks Presented at the Memorial Services

by son Charles Kraft, on memories of her "loneliness, encouragement, family"

by son Robert Kraft, especially on learning about his Mother through her writings

by son David Kraft, on lessons learned at his Mother's feet


Remarks Prepared by Some of the Grandchildren who could not Attend

by granddaughter Cheryl Kraft Martell (daughter of Charles)

by grandson Rick Kraft (son of Charles) and his wife Tanya

by granddaughter Karen Kraft Schneider (daughter of Charles)


Additional Testimonials concerning Marian Northrop Kraft:

Kimrae Kraft Alsheimer (niece; daughter of Howard's brother Donald):

I'm so sorry. I have SUCH fond memories of your parents and spending time in CT. I remember Aunt Marian teaching me how to swim and ride a pogo stick, and how we all fought over using it after that. She often took us out exploring, down to see the horses and climb the "big" rock (funny how it doesn't look all that big now, but it sure was HUGE back then) and made sure we knew what poison ivy looked like. It was a treat to sleep in one of the tents out back when all the other cousins were there, too. I remember sitting around the campfire, learning a lot of crazy songs Aunt Marian taught us, and having s'mores (I believe) for the very first time. It was a highlight for me as a child to be going to their house for a week. (Of course, it was even more of a highlight as we got older to be able to stay in one of the bedrooms inside for the week. I acquired a love for puzzles during those years.) All of the different little musical instruments that she kept around the house and showed to us probably drove my parents nuts, but we loved it. Learning games like Mancala, using only some stones and 2 muffin tins end to end as a "board," are games that I use in my first grade classroom now, too. And, of course, my memories would not be complete without mentioning the occasional trips to the Pixie [cookie jar] for some freshly made cookies. Aunt Marian would even let me "sneak" one if I was especially good and helped with something without being asked (which my parents strongly encouraged us to do...the helping part, not the "sneaking" part).

I'm so sorry that I won't be able to make it to the memorial service, but wanted you and your family to know how much I truly loved Aunt Marian and will miss her "spunky" love of life. Please send my love to all and give Sharon an extra hug for me.

Joan Marie Turcotte Bowyer from the Waterville Church

I want to mention how much "Cap" meant to the girls from Pioneer Girls, how she took us to Hammonasset Park the weekend of the Aug.19th, 1955 flood here in Waterbury, how she taught us all Red Cross swimming at Hitchcock Lake, and on....and on...and on.....

So many people pass through our lives, and some leave wonderful, lasting impressions.....
So it is with Marion Kraft from Wolcott.

John Coley from the Waterville Church (1950s)


"Ma" Kraft ... was a very special person and she served the Lord so faithfully. She sas always "Ma" to our young people and her home was always open to us. We still corresponded at Christmastime and she kept us updated on her family's activities. ...


Jessie Linicus, cousin

Your mother was a wonderful person to have known. May you rejoice with good memories of her.

Incidental Comments of special interest

Scott Kraft (grandson, son of Bob and Carol, living in Los Angeles)

Nadine, Gabi and Bea all send their love.  Gabi was especially saddened by the news. I will have to show her the video of Grandma singing "the Owl and Pussycat" to her when she was just 6 months old when we get home.