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   j o u r n e y    t h r o u g h    d i s a p p e a r a n c e

--- A M Y   H O L M A N

Close your ears and lose your way. John follows hull, avoids
our family. If I listen close, will I see river and ocean,

island, dune and dogwood? The story behind the words
is my journey through disappearance. Singing cartographers

echolocate hull and contour, fish and family,
as they pilot great minds through darkness. Avoiding
hull, joining family. What’s the best car of the show,
Dad asks John, asks me, standing on the steps of Jacob

Javitz on my birthday. If I listen close, will I gauge
how many miles per inch we are apart? The new Jaguar,
the new Jaguar, we say, echo locating our attachment
within the old borders. Distance disappears,
yet I still know it by heart.

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