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   p o l i c e    (t h e    c a s e)    (e s)

--- C A R O L   M I R A K O V E

Compton police department is disbanded: Sept. 16 2000

following, shouting, the city a loud balance. there are basic 
problems. not all statements are protected, public / employee.
mayor is necessary leveling and expert, to consult an advance 
before they actually talk / we are trying / to serve forward as a
matter of impose chilling. dead dogs. graduate of. ''looking back 
it was [ / ] positive.''

''I think'' 	''I think''	the redevelopment the police union 
voted no confidence & ''I think'' prides himself on 100 million 
dollars. of infrastructure.

to dismantle, he shrugs off, he will win. ''I don't see.. a 
problem,'' Bradley said. filmic.

compton scattering :: the cure

	..four officers filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city 
	government in September, [citing that Compton Mayor 
	Omar] Bradley sought to dismantle the department to 
	silence his critics.

						- Online Forty Niner

the wavelength does not change.

light with energy for such a collision - that punctuation / 
should be haphazard?

delta = delta the subzero power & indeed the mass electron. 
one minus - no more the cosign. x-rays demonstrate [figure 
the incident] comparatively

	The decision sparked protests and marches throughout 
	Compton. Lorraine Cervantes, 59, a local activist, says 
	Mayor Omar Bradley should have put the decision to a 
	citywide vote. ''We're living in a democracy, aren't we?'' 
						- USAToday

how science doubles back on itself: if imposed order of the 
LAPD, then entropy in Compton. must freedom, exclusively, 
yield chaos? & isolated.

Gary of Venice Beach writes:
I visited the cemetery to put flowers on my little brother's grave. 
It is overrun by gophers. It appears to be a serious 
health hazard for visitors.

frost / easy / don't / move

standard molar entropy

	According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics,
	 isolated systems tend to proceed toward higher entropy.

we use to symbolize: the degree, that particles more cluttered 
progress soars. "I place papers in [ ] cabinets. in other words, I
upset''		''from the outside''

''solutions have a greater entropy than''

''do you know which way the jail is?'' I don't. my car is broken.

	the municipality.. spent 70% of its budget on 'public 
	safety'. The police force of Compton, which [was] 
	financed through this money, [had] gained a reputation 
	as bad as the one of the LAPD.
					- Eric Wright on Compton City

but it wasn't, then, the LAPD. or the feds, for that matter. 
better? blood of the flash game. a clear loser, lacking industry / 
enter / hiphop raptop hypercompetitive / defiance. (gangsters 
are, ultimately, obedient.) (this is not a criticism: it is however 
obvious & very, unapologetically, an unmediated 

the reality strategy aims to home the horror. who are these 
tireless confidence boosters. males reside paradoxically & hook 
the sad sequence. based in. look at the shot patterns. a regular 
west-coast spraying.

new generation brings more gangs

that Crips and Bloods should never laugh / under what / ever 
circumstance, as USAToday would suggest. sharp reporting,
shaking their heads (& it's called, simply, a '40,' by the way).

''murders'' 	''compared with'' 	''during the same time'' 
''gang-related''	''enjoyed a steady decline'':	number
dropped. plummeted. under the plan. during ''would save lives 
and [ / ] 7 million [dollars] a year.''

& so he outspent. there will be children to track, the tally of a 
bingo: didn't want / dizzying the ballot count didn't merely 
catch. on. own people the most but worn, a real shot & the fete 
:: happy. formerly of, time and a half. hatted, & complicit 
provides the arrangement, & bows. 

they were the young americans.


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