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   s a s h a    t h e    k i d    a s s a s s i n

--- C A R O L   M I R A K O V E

not a lot of vegetable matter.

i had a nightmare & a fascist, whose favorite 
pasttime is discrediting my intelligence. as we've 
said, we're not the chefs. it makes sense that you cld 
jump right on it. I don't know, I insist & i bail on the 
pre-bridal base text (nononanette!).

like what you say abt a subtext-free life as the goal. 
then i thought, ''hey! what's taking you fuckers so 
long to call us?!''


i get the vibe that this place is a money-centric mess 
of an outfit. ''i am happiest and most effective when 
part of a dedicated and ambitious team.''

the socal library of social research. she'd sooner 
expect the moon to cheese. he bought me two 
copies of the book i left on your chair when he 
thought he was buying two different books. 
by the time i was crushed i didn't necessarily want to 
be heard, actually. check 

and yet he's not an addict. he yells at the tv kids 
when those anti-cigarette ads come on: oh, go 
ahead & smoke, you might as well! rhythm_bitch, 

the dead? 



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