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   f u r t h e r    r e a d i n g

--- H A L V A R D   J O H N S O N

X. Under feelings where the moon spot struck at night, Sylvie said, "Come out. It's not too late to play." But what she bought was never what she thought, and her text, like movies, flashed upon the screen. "I just don't think I'm a mouse sort of person," Sylvie said, amorously.

VII. Trying on a paradigm, Sylvie looked him over. A life of their own was not too much to ask for. During or after different psychic events, I did not want to practice resignation. Sylvie, though, remembered Pound's words: "The book should be a ball of light in one's hand."

IV. Siddhartha learned something new (Hesse said) on every step of his path. Or, if you feel incapable of writing anything truly bad, write something truly good, but along the same lines. Try genuine rather than spurious emotions.

VIII. Sylvie planned a balanced menu, allowing one gram of protein for every kilogram of ideal body weight. Often she had a recipe for some- thing truly good. If you'll look around closely, you'll notice that triangles are everywhere.

II. Sylvie has all of eternity before her. Which makes me want to travel--other places, other lives. Always a long way home, and there, once again, I had rubbed her the wrong way. The rush of fear was now ebbing.

XV. Listen carefully, Sylvie said. I've seen enough fools like you to last me a lifetime. Mental fields succeed one another. Impressions are colored by individual relationships. Como sono felice!

III. Sylvie aroused galaxies. Dominical letters helped us find Easter. Kiss: in billiards, a very slight touch of one moving ball on another. For free control

IX. of all aspects of one's life and thought. Focusing/unfocusing, as Sylvie notes, drag any icon to a totally new position. For after all it is only a simulated swan song that we hear.

I. With shifts in intentional focus, Sylvie says we ought to know more about Yale than that the bulldog is its mascot. In describing the scene, we drive the nail painlessly into the mind of the studious observer.

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