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   t h e    l o g i c i a n 's    l a m e n t

--- H A L V A R D   J O H N S O N

Welcome to our Grand Re-Opening. You will notice many improvements to the point where we can understand this fact: We can't live without those aqua-cultured chorales that come in two flavors--

Aristotelian and Modern Symbolic. Only those who do not believe the Bible--a time to live, a time to die, etc.--kill the self while others play out the "logic." The dying too

wish to live as fully as they can, those who claim individualistic rights to suicide along with others seeing the logic of late-twentieth century violence and survival, crossing and recrossing their legs

in various intense acts of survival. Those who live by logic die by logic--that unjust logic of sparing the lives of murderers, even suicide bombers . . . her life, that is, working to help murderers live.

It is to rescue killers who steal those lunatic worlds we've come to depend on. Better to live on one's feet than to die in one's bed, according to this logic.

* Those are some of the thoughts that underlie my notion that probability, that plaything of economists and fools, will either live or die by the sheerest of chances, that whether the patient

will or will not survive has nothing to do with the warmness of his blood (or hers, as the case may be). Such beliefs came hard to me, although at present I live in a stage of thought

reflecting the very principle presented Findlay's "Foreword to Hegel's Logic," with its self-mediated or self-explanatory categories. Citizens of the wealthy nations of the world must do more for those

who live in darkness. Only those bundles that are active in the sense do not imply collection. What a scumbag Gvdel turned out to be! The state heaps risk on those who do not rush

like lemmings toward the sea. Bob and Ted and Carol and Alice may all still be alive, but the rest of the passengers from their capsized boat have already drowned. Their logic led them

to a terribly mistaken conclusion. Did the Jews and Romans use logic against the Gospel? No, it's the reaction from those we meet as we walk down the street that matters. You do

live by faith, and God can indeed hoist Himself up by his bootstraps. Does the way I'm going to die affect the way I live?

* I once spent an entire day trying to find a tie to go with this jacket, and yet there's a strange human logic to that. "I live in Tokyo, and minidiscs are here to stay" she once said. "Well, we still can't get your data back,

ma'am," came the response. "Why not?" (Her again.) "Somebody drove one of those primitive space-threaders through it." Let's digress at this point. Not one human being deserves to live.

The death penalty is a viable opinion. Oh, yes, always has been. But these people waiting on the beach, like in that movie, they're angels and devils, better off living in Scandinavia than in Australia.

I mean, those are some of the best countries to live in. If God really expected Adam and Eve to lead full, normal, healthy lives in Eden, we'd none of us be living in America

or in Samarkand for that matter. As for me, I'd like to live to the full. Those Hindu values from India just don't cut it for me.

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