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   p o e m    2

--- P I E R R E   J O R I S

the eighth climate I asked

what is that, or where

or when & how

to get out from under it

or in from outside of it

if thatís

whatís desired or needed and who

is to say it is so or isnít so

I asked you

said we may examine briefly

the order of reality I designate as

mundus imaginalis

then we will examine the organ

that perceives this reality, namely

cognitive imagination

a topography of interworlds

you can easily get lost in.

Oh, no

I said if we are in the interworld

how could we get lost? Weíre

in it.

You throw the word utopian

at me and it missed me

only interstitially.

It is a strange thing or

a decisive example

you said

I said make up your mind

if it is both

find the third term.

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