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   r i d e

--- C A R O L I N E   B E R G V A L L

I'm catching a ride with friends 

There's a few of us

This is a ride

It's ridden when you ride

You're ridden if you ride

If I am I am

I am if I am ridden

Riding rides the rider

Once a rider ride

Yet once the riding rides

Get rid of the rider

This is a difficult

This is a very difficult thing to do

Mainly I ride what I

Mainly I ride who I know

Mainly I'm ridden

And I don't know

This ride is in your ear

It rides your ear is ridden

I ride this as it comes up

The others have been doing this for awhile

He's been

She's been doing this for awhile

She's a good example of what follows

Riding follows exercise

Much of what follows

Has been kept unridden

Practice rides the exercise

And it follows

Everything is

Rideable with practice

The heart is an exercise

She's a good

She's a good exercise

Riding follows practice

This is riding

I am that I am rideable

Love is an exercise

London, November 4th, 2004.

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