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   h i d d e n    t r a c k

--- L E O N A R D   G O N T A R E K

Among the hissing mist and the floating windows. 

Forgery corrupts the commandments and the new landscape.

Touch corrupts the drunken monk and the idea of God.

Among the mauve night and the large and small blackbirds.

Water corrupts fire and the ether.

Among the glass walls and braking taxis.

The actual corrupts the afterlife and the sentence.

Ascension corrupts the actual and the afterlife.

Terra incognita corrupts the description.

The magic is all on your side.

Among the dream of spring and creek hum.

The cage corrupts the cupid and the transfer.

Among the disconnect and provenance.

The fired tar corrupts the metaphor and the postscript.

The magic is all on your side.

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