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Tony Barnstone is Assistant Professor of Creative Writing and English atWhittier College, and has published his poetry, fiction, essays and translations indozens of journals. His books include Impure: Poems by Tony Barnstone; Out of theHowling Storm: The New Chinese Poetry; Laughing Lost in the Mountains: Poems of WangWei; The Art of Writing: Teachings of the Chinese Masters; and Literatures ofAsia, Africa and Latin America.

Ed Barrett's books of poetry include Theory of Transportation, The LeavesAre Something This Year, Practical Lullabies for Joe, and Common Preludes,Sheepshead Bay and Rub Out, a trilogy of experimental verse novels. Barrett hasalso written a series of books on new media and the humanities, includingContextual Media: Multimedia and Interpretation, Sociomedia: Multimedia,Hypermedia, and the Social Construction of Knowledge, The Society of Text: Hypertext,Hypermedia, and the Social Construction of Information, and Text, ConText, andHyperText, all from MIT Press.

Michael Blottenberger's poems have appeared in Baltimore Review, James WhiteReview, and The William & Mary Review.

Timothy Bradford's poetry and other writings have appeared in BombayGin, Diagram, Eclectica, Forward, H_NGM_N, Mudlark, No TellMotel, Runes, and Terminus, among others. He is the author of theintroduction to Sadhus, a photography book on the ascetics of South Asiapublished by Cuerpos Pintados in 2003. He also received the KoretFoundation's Young Writer on Jewish Themes Award for 2004-2005 for hisnovella-in-progress, based on the history of the Vélodrome d'Hiver in Paris.In the fall of 2005, he was a writer-in-residence and visiting lecturer atStanford University.

Gregory Brown was born and raised in Belfast, Maine, and waseducated at Columbia University. He lives outside New York City, wherehe is a freelance writer and at work on a novel. This is his firstpublished fiction.

CAConrad lives and writes with the PhillySound poets( Soft Skull Press recently published hisbook Deviant Propulsion. He has two forthcoming books, The FrankPoems (Jargon Society) and advanced ELVIS course (Buck DownsBooks). He co-authored The B. Franklin Basement Tapes with Frank Sherlockfor NEXUS Gallery.

Randall Couch is a poet, translator, and critic whose work has appearedin several journals and anthologies, most recently Best New Poets 2005. He'sa 2003 graduate of the Warren Wilson College MFA program for writers, a 2000Pennsylvania Council on the Arts fellow and teaches poetry and poetics at ArcadiaUniversity.

Thomas Devaney is author of American Pragmatist Fell inLove (Banshee Press, 1999) and Letters to Ernesto Neto (GermFolios, 2005). His poems have been published in magazines, anthologies,and translated into French and published in Arsenal, Java, Poesie,and Double Change. His essays, reviews, and interviews have beenpublished in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Boston Review, Jacket,and Rain Taxi. Devaney is a Penn Critical Writing Fellow in theEnglish Department at the University of Pennsylvania.

Gregory Djanikian has published four collections of peotry,The Man in the Middle, Falling Deeply into America, About Distance,and most recently, Years Later. These poems are from hisforthcoming book, So I Will Till the Ground.

Denise Duhamel's most recent poetry titles are Two and Two (Universityof Pittsburgh Press, 2005), Mille et un Sentiments (Firewheel, 2005)and Queen for a Day: Selected and New Poems (Pittsburgh, 2001). Sheteaches poetry at Florida International University in Miami.

Joe Dunthorne was born and brought up in Swansea, South Wales , but now lives in Norwich where he is an assistant lecturer in creative writing for the Open University. He recently received the Curtis Brown Prize for an extract from his novel-in-progress. His poetry has been featured on Channel Four, online at The Guardian and published widely in magazines.

Harvey Goldner lives in Seattle. His poems have appeared in The Adirondack Review, Curious Rooms, Exquisite Corpse, Poetry Midwest, Pulsar, The Sun, Puerto del Sol, Wicked Alice, and elsewhere. His chapbook, Her Bright Bottom, was recently published by Spankstra Press (Seattle).

Giles Goodland is based in the UK and earns his living as a lexicographer. His last book was Capital (Salt, 2006). Before that was A Spy in the House of Years (Leviathan, 2001).

William Gottlieb's work has appeared or is forthcoming in Hawaii Review, California Quakerterly, Carquinez Poetry Review, Manzanita Quarterly, Rio,, Freshwater, Buckle &, and other journals. He is the author of Alternative Cures (Rodale, 2000), and the co-author of The Calcium Key (Wiley, 2004) and The DERMAdoctor's Skinstruction Manual (Simon & Schuster, 2005). He lives in northern California.

Amy Holman's poetry has appeared in The Best American Poetry 1999, Rough Places Plain: An Anthology of Mountain Poets, Failbetter, American Letters & Commentary, Archaeology Magazine, and The Manhattan Review. Her collection, Wait For Me, I'm Gone, won the 2004 National Dream Horse Press Poetry Chapbook Competition.

Abeer Hoque was born in Nigeria to Bangladeshi parents, and moved to America when she was in high school. She is the recipient of the 2005 Tanenbaum Award in Nonfiction, and a 2006-7 Fulbright Scholarship. Her stories, poems, and photographs have been published in ZYZZYVA,, 580 Split, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Switchback, Bullfight Review, and the Daily Star. For more information, please see

Teresa Leo's work has appeared in The American Poetry Review,Poetry, Ploughshares, New Orleans Review, The Philadelphia Inquirer,Painted Bride Quarterly, and elsewhere. She has received grants fromthe Pew Fellowships in the Arts, the Leeway Foundation, and thePennsylvania Council on the Arts.

Michael Magee is the Director of a new Summer Institute in Creative Writing atRhode Island School of Design that debuts in Summer 2006. Latest books areEmancipating Pragmatism: Emerson, Jazz and Experimental Writing (U Alabama P,2004) and MS (Spuyten Duyvil 2003).

Nick Montfort's recent projects include Ream, a 500-page poem written inone day in April. His latest interactive fiction is Book and Volume,released on the [auto mata] label in 2005. His books are Twisty LittlePassages: An Approach to Interactive Fiction (MIT Press, 2003), The NewMedia Reader (co-editor, MIT Press, 2003), and 2002: A Palindrome Story(co-author, Spineless Books, 2002). Montfort, an alumnus of the Universityof Texas at Austin, MIT, and Boston University, is now at the Universityof Pennsylvania, at work on an interactive fiction development system thatuses natural language generation to allow narrative variation.

Rae Paris's fiction appears in 580 Split and isforthcoming in So To Speak. She has been awarded residenciesfrom Hedgebrook and Norcroft. She is at work on her first collectionof stories called The Girl Who Ate Her Own Skin.

Rochelle Ratner's latest poetry books include Balancing Acts (Marsh Hawk Press, 2006), Beggars at the Wall (Ikon, 2006) and House and Home (Marsh Hawk Press, 2003). She is the author offifteen previous poetry collections and two novels (Bobby’s Girl and The Lion’s Share, both published by Coffee House Press). Her anthology, Bearing Life: Women's Writings on Childlessness,was published by The Feminist Press.

John Shea has had stories in Partisan Review; Alfred Hitchcock's MysteryMagazine; Columbia, magazine of Columbia University; Shadow Regions, anew horror anthology; and Philadelphia City Paper.

Frank Sherlock curates the Night Flag Reading Series in Philadelphia. He is the aut$Press), ISO(furniture press) and a collaboration with CAConrad entitled end/begin w/ chance (M$DiamondSatellite is forthcoming in 2006.

Ron Silliman was a 2003 Literary fellow of the NationalEndowment for the Arts, a 2002 Fellow of the Pennsylvania Arts Council & aPew Fellow in the Arts in 1998. Between 1979 & 2004, Silliman wrote asingle poem, entitled The Alphabet. He has now begun writing a new poem entitledUniverse. He has over 20 books of poetry some now available ase-books. This selection from Zyxt. Silliman's Blog, is now the mostinfluential English language blog on the web that is devoted tocontemporary poetry and poetics.

Suzanne Smith lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she writes poetry and conducts scholarly research in Comparative Religion and Political Theory.

Letitia Trent is a graduate student at the Ohio State University. Sheis a co-editor of 21 Stars Review, and herwork has appeared in 42opus, Shampoo, and other small print and online journals.

Jonathan Weinert received an MFA in Writing from Spalding University. His poems and reviews are published or forthcoming in American Letters & Commentary, Harvard Review, LIT, The Louisville Review, Pleiades, 32 Poems, and Third Coast. He was a semi-finalist for the 2006 Brittingham and Pollak Prizes, and a finalist for the 2006 Four Way Books Intro Prize. He has also been selected to participate in the Caldera Artist Retreat Program in Oregon this winter.

Based in Guangzhou, Theodore Wei Changsheng has edited several books and does ghost writing and index editing for a publishing house in Hong Kong. He is currently attempting some lyric postmodernism centered on Crab Island's granite obelisk. He also collects religious artifacts to make his study look like Freud's.

Andrew Zitcer is an urban planner and community arts advocate livingin West Philadelphia. Andrew has curated digital poetryexhibitions at the Painted Bride and Kelly Writers House and his owninstallations have appeared there as well as at the Philadelphia ArtAlliance.

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