Frido Kahlo

Maggie Jaffe

"Pain is yellow-green,"
nuns click on & off,
gringo doctors calculate.
Sharp white walls devoid
of color. She'll paint grey-
green monkeys, reddish-
purple hummingbirds,
like "ancient Aztec blood."
Whom & what did she love?
Cigarettes, "cocktailitos,"
women, children & Diego
Rivera, her "frog prince."
Her frog prince fucked gringas,
actresses, even her sister.
In turn, she screwed with Trotsky,
whom she later denounced:
he was a Trotskyite.
She loathed "Gringolandia," the color
yellow, Yanqui Imperialismo.
Her last major paintings were
an unfinished portrait of Stalin;
Marxism Gives Health to the Sick;
& Viva La Vida, dedicated to Mexico.
At 47 years old she'll die of a
complicated leg-amputation.
At her grave, Diego--"haggard & gray"--
became an old man in a matter of hours.

Copyright CrossConnect, Inc. 1996