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   c o f f e e    w i t h    z i t h e r a,    y e r e v a n,    a r m e n i a,    a p r i l,    1 9 9 7

--- C H R I S T I N E   B A I N E S

Note: In Yerevan the winter of 1992 was especially harsh. There was no fuel for heating houses and little food. Many died of hunger and cold.

Her children sprawl on jewel colors woven in Ijivan watching The Lion King dubbed in Russian as she offers me chocolates and pastry and fresh fruit arranged on thin bone china and the sunlight flashes off silver and the polished table -- we sit in the window passing a lazy afternoon chatting about dressmakers and where to stay in Tblisi. As she raises the pot to pour my coffee her sleeve falls back and I see the small white etchings on her skin, remembrances from the winter of 1992 when she opened her arms to feed her hungry babies.

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