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· Dinu Adam
State of War 5(the dogmatic egg)
The Parable of the Dumb Man
· Christine Baines
To Eat A Song Bird
Coffee with Zithera, Yerevan, Armenia, April, 1997
· David Breskin
My Prosthetic Everest
· Marcus Cafagña
Rat Anesthesiologist
· Pablo García Casado
The Outskirts
Old Tenants
· Robert Klein Engler
The Embrace
· Eli Goldblatt
That Piano
· Karmelo C. Iribarren
Bad Times
· Halvard Johnson
Four Fragments after Lorca
American Movie Classics 2
· Yusef Komunyakaa
The Goddess of Quotas
Meditations in a Swine Yard
· Deirdre O'Connor
I Dream You Send a Photograph
· Toby Olson
My Daughter
My Son
· Ed Pavlic
Lights Out
Calypso Minor
· C.C. Russell
Poem for A.
· William Van Wert
The Post-War Years
· Roger Wolfe

· Rebekah Grossman
Conducting an Ethnography of the Body
· John McCalla
· Mike Magee
Interview With James Tate
· Mark Ostrowski
Three Spanish Poets:
· Paul C. Sherr
Telephone Calls
· William Van Wert
Baseball and Fathers

· A.W. DeAnnuntis
At Love in the House of Work
· Dennis Must
Big Whitey
· Tom LeClair
Touring Test
· Mark Wisniewski
· Anonymous
· Christopher Chambers
Waiting For Annie
· Lisa Borders
The Day Prairie Rose, Texas Disappeared From the Map
· Robert Sward
Sex and TV with Aunt Miriam -- 1945
· J.L. Schneider
Fruit of the Action
· Amber Dorko Stopper

Art Gallery
· Kate Moran
From the installation Vitreous Humours: one
From the installation Vitreous Humours: two
From the installation Vitreous Humours: three
From the installation Vitreous Humours: four
Color Photograph
· Debra Hoffman
Untitled, Number One
Untitled, Number Two
Mollie Watch How Ya Go
Untitled, Number Three
Untitled, Number Four
· Rebekah Grossman
"Give Me Only Ephemeral Things"
left: "Jardin Cherche," right: "Chalet Motel"
Three Small Books
books in case
"Moonlight Garden"
"A Novel In Two Parts"

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