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   t h r e e    s m a l l    b o o k s

Book on left: "Three-Season Shade Garden"; Mixed Media (2 & 1/4" x 2").Complete text = inside front cover: "the Dark Lady Theatre", p. 1 "Dry Ice", pp. 2-3 "1 WhiteBleeding Heart/slung on a shoulder pole.", p. 4 "corpus of utterances",inside back cover: "Accusation, Realization/ lamentation/Begging,negotiation/NOT GOOD FOR PASSAGE".

Book in center: "Easy-Care Shade Garden"; Mixed Media (1 x 1"x 13/16"). Complete text = p.1 "Pearly Everlasting", p. 2 "PEEL AND SEAL IN PLASTIC"/"leaving only the face/ and handsuncovered"/inside back cover: "LIFT FLAPS TO VIEW REPRESENTATIVE SLICE".

Book on right: "Flowering Shade Garden"; Mixed Media (11/16 x 2 1/4"). Complete text = inside front cover: "Stardust Mix".

--- R E B E K A H   G R O S S M A N

Three Small Books

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