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   w h a t    i    l e a r n e d,    e l e m e n t a r y

--- M I C H A E L   M A G E E

certain schools, certain factories
drop books from desks on
the quarter hour, mock-regement solid-
arity, bell & response, caustic applause

arch textures in brick, time in blocks, spending and building one square meal, one squared one graph paper plate seating chart

race out of class, an asphalt recess, holding court, rote digging of moats, playing riotous conflict "kill the man w/ the ball," "bombardment"

the girls room, the boys room of one's own, groaning up to desire, a genderous helping (2 sqs.) curious outie, furious innie, linidinous, prim

to raise a hand - for & against - multiples tabled, calculated rows eraser monitor chalk dust hierocracy molecular milk money, fair weather science

in btwn spaces, post-homeroom back-talk unaccounted port authority, boiler room, broom closet, gap in logic h-e-double-hockeysticks, lockerroom syntax

combination lock gossip, black market gob-stopper racket, brown paper book cover story, frontier elbow rub public bus catching, hallway pass

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