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   a p r i l    f o o l s

--- M I C H A E L   M A G E E

bloom again in gray matter-o-fact afternoon
sub-urban grommets parallel aerial

planning circuits. poised cable-ready on the grid, home window-shopping network

of voyeurs listen for the assessor footsteps given up for gleams of "for ever and for e-

ver" porchlight property ascension What abides who? rhododendrons thick enough

for a six ounce kid to walk on bloodthinner enough sap for twice that much in

medicaid pancakes. waxing eliotic to the exclusion of pineappular buds, -- mud-timorous

fuddy-duddy in the demotic, wet-blanket -- that's not it. lap the grub salmagundi that unsettled roots

how to be sloppy, various, and full of holes w/out getting soaked. how to make your slip-n-slide liability free

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