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Seth Abramson is a 22 year-old first-year student at Harvard Law aminor in sociology. While attending Dartmouth, he was named a RufusChoate Scholar and received citations for his Shakespearean analyses. Seth has been published or will soon be published in ten electronic poetryjournals.

Karen Adkins writes articles for Illinois Times, IllinoisMagazine and Illinois Issues. This is her first fictionpublication.

Jeffrey Alfier has previously been published by the e-zinesSauce*Box, Poetfest, Evolution's Voyage, Poetic Express, Pyrowordsand Nieve Roja Review.

Carmen Butcher studied at the University of Georgia, UniversityCollege London as a Fulbright scholar, and Heidelberg University. She hasbeen published in Gravity, among other publications. She has a twoyear old daughter.

William K. Carlson has published articles and short stories in awide variety of publications. He has also written two Science Fictionnovels published by Doubleday.

Victor Hernandez Cruz was born in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico andmoved to New York City with his family at the age of five. In 1966, whileliving on Manhattan's Lower East Side, his first book of poetry, PapoGot His Gun was published. Cruz moved to California's Bay Area in 1968and a year later, his second collection Snaps was published byRandom House, giving him national exposure. In 1971 Cruz visited his homeisland of Puerto Rico and in reconnecting with this aspect of hisidentity, wrote the book By Lingual Wholes, a poetic study ofbi-lingualism; eighteen years later, he returned to Puerto Rico to live.In 1991, his book Red Beans was published and was the recipient ofthe Winner of the Publishers Weekly "Ten Best Books of the Year" Award. Arecipient of an NEA and a Latin American Guggenheim Fellowship, VictorHernandez Cruz has published essays, articles, short stories and iscurrently completing a novel. Panaramas, his book of poems, essaysand stories, was recently published by Coffee House in 1997.

Christopher Davis is an associate professor of creative writing atthe University of North Carolina, Charlotte. His first book, TheTyrant of the Past and the Slave of the Future, won the 1988 AWPaward. His second book, The Patriot, was published last spring bythe University of Georgia Press. He is spending the summer at theMacDowell colony.

Lenny DellaRocca has had work appear in Seattle Review, PoetLore, Nimrod, Wisconsin Review, Negative Capability, Maryland PoetryReview, and Chiron Review among others.

Cralan Deutsch recently returned from several years in Lesotho, asa volunteer in the Peace Corps. He has recently had pieces accepted byThe Horsethief's Journal/ Green Tricycle and StillMagazine (UK) for publication.

Ray DiPalma is the author of more than thirty collections of poetryand visual work. His recent books include The Jukebox of Memnon(Potes & Poets, 1988), Provocations (Potes & Poets, 1994), andMotion of the Cypher (Roof Press, 1995). His work has been praisedby such notable poets as Jackson MacLow and Robert Creeley.

Ronald Donn is from Corpus Christi, Texas, and works as aninstructor at Louisiana Technical University (Ruston, LA). He has amaster's in English Liberal Arts from Northeast Louisiana University(Monroe LA), where he did some editing for the school's literary mag. Hispublications include Spillway, Athena Incognito, Jones Ave (Canada). He lives in Monroe, LA.

Saku Gunasegaram does breast cancer research at the University ofPennsylvania in Philadelphia, using molecular genetic epidemiologictechniques.

Timothy Hodor's poetry has been published in over 200 journalsnationally and internationally. His poetry was recently nominated for aPushcart prize.

Halvard Johnson has had recent poetry and fiction in in Puertodel Sol, Wisconsin Review, Mudfish, The $ (Baltimore), Maryland PoetryReview, City Paper (Baltimore), St. Andrews Reviews, Stream, Synaesthetic,Blue Penny Quarterly, RealPoetik, CrossConnect, Gargoyle, Poetry New York,Confrontation, Florida Review, Salt River Review, Crania, andLiterature, and the Arts.

Ann Lederer has had poems published over the last several years injournals such as Potato Eyes, Wind, Comstock Review,and Wayne Review. She works as a hospice nurse in Kentucky.

Ben Lerner is a student at Brown University, where he is studyingwith Michael Harper and C.D. Wright. His poems have appeared mostrecently in the Beloit Poetry Journal and the Tampa Review.He is the editor of Ore, a journal of creative letters.

Tristin Lowe received a fellowship at the Fine Arts Work Center,been the recipient of a Pew Fellowship in sculpture, and recentlycompleted an Artist-in-Residence at the Fabric Workshop, where his workwill be exhibited July-Oct '99. He has had shows at the Institute ofContemporary Art (Philadelphia), Philadelphia Museum of Fine Art,University of California (San Diego), and New Langston Arts (SanFrancisco) among others.

Michael Magee is a contributing editor for CrossConnect andfounding editor of COMBO. He is finishing his dissertation"Emancipating Pragmatism: Emerson, Jazz and Experimental Writing," atPenn, and has new poems out or due to appear in Cafe Review, SpoonRiver Poetry Review, Ixnay, The East Village Poetry Web and6ix.

Joshua McKinney is an associate professor of English at ValdostaState University. He has work published in Denver Quarterly, Volt, NoRoses Review, Salt Hill, Faultlines, and Pleiades, amongothers. He has work forthcoming in Lingo, First Intensity, Interim,Third Coast, and elsewhere. His chapbook Permutations of theGallery won the 1996 Pavement Saw Chapbook Contest.

Daniel Meltz resides in New York City. His work has been publishedin American Poetry Review, Mudfish, and other journals.

Ben Miller has published his poetry and fiction acrossthe country in journals such as Fence, New Digressions, The MacGuffin,California Quarterly, Parting Gifts, Washington Square, and TheMontserrat Review. He has been awarded a short story prize byAmerican Short Fiction, the Italo Calvino prize from Writing onthe Edge, and a National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writingfellowship. This June a selection of his short prose pieces will beperformed cabaret-style at The Medicine Show theater in New York City.

Noah Nussbaum lives in Redondo Beach, where he's a partner in asmall consulting firm. One of his poems has appeared in Hingestone,a publication of the University of Missouri.

Ronald Palmer is an assistant professor of English at FraminghamState College. His poetry has appeared in Poetry East, BeloitPoetry Journal, The Evergreen Chronicles, and Cream CityReview. New work will appear in the e-journal Zuzu's Petals(issue 18), New York Quarterly and the journal of critical theory,Parallax (University of Leeds / England) in the Fall of 1999.

Krista Woodlief is a graduate of the University of Memphis with aBachelor of the Arts in Creative Writing. She is currently pursuing agraduate degree in Journalism at the University of Memphis.

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