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--- V I C T O R   H E R N A N D E Z   C R U Z

Montezuma's court jester
Quetzalcuatle's mime.
He is everything in us that laughs
The smallest bones
aligned with the verses of necessity,
He walks upside down,
it's not his pants falling
It's a pyramid rising,
Coatlicue was at the formation,
Ollin gave his joints flex.

Even in terror I have seen the charm of grace. Lord of movement dismantling the bourgeoisie, A tortilla in its face. Aztec counter culture going up an elevator In the squares of structures on la Acenida Reforma, Cantinflas struts on the snining marble floors, His feet talking the language of riddles, the syntax - the grammar arrive as if to rescue The poet exiled from the dictionary.

Sense sensulet, Cantinflas is the only man that doesn't Have to move to travel the cosmicos comicos Our mestizo jaws go from grin to cracklin Peeling in spreading and even then swelling.

Without motion he makes murals of flowers Jaquars and skulls he pulls of a clay pot. Egyptian and Toltec thather, alive of humanness humeros Humoros He gives Charlie Chaplin the Americas conquered ridicule Ridiculos back in a flaming heart of laughter upon the altar of sacrifice, For we were born for joy, Cantinflas brings the teeth out, to overcome the hacienda Son of a bitch, We are the earth He takes for gyrations Orbits which expose the king, one pivotal turn in any scene, spread feathers Wind which strips the Patron's tuxedo Exposing us all as cookies In the shape of skeletons.

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