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--- M I C H A E L   M A G E E

	for Standard Schaefer

for word's lack of a better you and everyone and I would do it,

provided we. the typical bits (c'mon, baby, it's natural) would jangle

in a pocket, wheat pennies awaiting their nostalgic mark-up. Their noster

make up. Later, the scene en toto would go in a bigger pocket, with

the drummer from Toto "and your little dog too." Much would be

forgotten, though not the words to "Africa" of which I too am specially suspicious.

Dendrite would leave the synapse, elope with a bum axon and

we would meet on good terms, as at a wake. You got lost, the direct-

ions neglecting tunnel construction, you could've died, obviously, what're

you going to do? No, really.

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