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Charles Alexander's books of poetry include Hopeful Buildings(Chax Press, Tucson, 1990) and arc of light / dark matter (Segue Books,New York, 1992), Pushing Water: parts one through six (Standing StonesPress, Morris, MN, 1998), and Pushing Water: part seven (Chax Press,Tucson. 1998), and Four Ninety Eight to Seven (Meow Press, San Diego,1998). He edited Talking the Boundless Book: Art, Language, & the BookArts (Minnesota Center for Book Arts, 1996). He is the founder anddirector of Chax Press in Tucson, Arizona.

Jefferson Carter has lived in Tucson, Arizona for 47 years, the last 15 of them with his wife and son. He is currently the Writing Department Chair at Pima Community College. He has been previously published in Carolina Quarterly, Salt River Review, and Kimera. His chapbook Tough Love won the Riverstone Poetry Award in 1993.

Brigham Dimick is the art editor of CrossConnect. Heteaches at the Graduate School of Fine Arts at the University ofPennsylvania and at St. Joseph's University.

Kevin Dolgin is originally from New York, but has lived in andaround Paris for most of the past fifteen years. He has been publishedin "Zoetrope All Story Extra", and has upcoming work in The Berkley Fiction Review in January. In addition, Kevin recently published anovel excerpt in the web-based Absinthe Literary Review.

Bill Embly has covered a wide scope of occupations in his lifetime: journalist, bartender, baker, route driver, fiction editor, and most recently -- for the last twelve years -- a bookseller. He lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has published work in The Gorey Detail (Ireland), Green's Magazine (Canada), Palo Alto Review, RE:AL, and many others. He has upcoming work appearing in Cicada, Zero Hour, The Prague Revue (Czech Republic), and more.

Leonard Gontarek's poetry has appeared recently in AmericanWriting, Poetry Northwest, The Quarterly, and Exquisite Corpse. He was awarded a poetry fellowship from the Pennsylvania Council on theArts in 1994, and recently published a book of his poems, Van MorrisonCan't Find His Feet (Spring, 1996).

Davin Granroth is a creative non-fiction writer living in East Lansing, MI with his wife and their plant George. Davin has studied creative writing at Michigan State University, and is employed by the MSU Division of University Relations as their Web Coordinator.

Halvard Johnson is a regular contributor to CrossConnect. Fourpoetry collections now out of print are archived online at theContemporary American Poetry Archive and has had recent poetry publishedat Poetry New York; Gargoyle; War, Literature & the Arts; The FloridaReview; and Confrontation; as well as online at Salt RiverReview; Blue Moon Review; Crania; For Poetry; Riding the Meridian; andPares Cum Paribus (Chile). He and his wife Lynda Schor, who writesfiction and teaches fiction writing at the Lang College of the New SchoolUniversity and is also a visual artist, divide their lives betweenBaltimore and New York City.

Alex Joseph has an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College, and his work hasappeared in The James White Review and The New York Times.

Patrick Kelly lives and works in Philadelphia. He is a regularcontributor to CrossConnect. His work also appears in Lip Magazineand American Poetry Review's, Philly Edition.

Dorianne Laux is the author of three collections of poetry from BOAEditions: Awake (1990), What We Carry (1994), and Musicin the Morning (forthcoming, spring 2000). She is also co-author,with Kim Addonizio, of The Poet's Companion: A Guide to the Pleasuresof Writing Poetry (Norton), and is Associate Professor and Director ofthe University of Oregon's Program in Creative Writing. She also judgedthis year's AWP Poetry competition for a first book of poems.

Patrick Lawler's poetry has been published in many well-regardedjournals across the country, including The Iowa Review, Shenandoah,and The New York Times Book Review. He has been awarded a grantfrom the New York State Foundation for the Arts, and in 1991 received afellowship from the NEA. He is an associate professor at SUNY College ofEnvironmental Science and Forestry, teaching courses in writing,creativity, and literature.

Hank Lazer received an A.B degree in English from StanfordUniversity and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in English from the University ofVirginia. A Professor of English at the University of Alabama where he hastaught since 1977, Lazer is Assistant Dean for Humanities and Fine Arts.Lazer has published widely, including a collaboration with poets CharlesBernstein and James Sherry. Lazer's books include Doublespace: Poems1971-1989 (Segue) and INTER(IR)RUPTIONS (Generator Press).

Teresa Leo is an electronic publications specialist at the University of Pennsylvania. Her work has appeared in the American Poetry Review, Philadelphia Inquirer, Painted Bride Quarterly, among other places. She is an advisor toCrossConnect, and a regular contributor to the magazine.

Aaron Levy is a writer, photographer and this year's resident andjunior fellow at the Kelly Writers House. He has a photography exhibitopen for November at Fox Gallery, here at the University ofPennsylvania, and a forthcoming book of visual prose poetry fromHandwritten Press.

Daniel Lipowitz graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in1976 from the Graduate School of Education. He currently teaches English, Creative Writing, and Film at Unionville High School in Chester County, PA.In addition to writing, he directs plays at the school, and has produced achildren's album, "Music for Little Humans", contributing four songs to therecording.

Mark Lueders graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1993from the Graduate School of Fine Arts. For the past four years he has beena full-time lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania, currently buildinga Clay program with the Department of Fine Arts. Mark's work has most recently been exhibited in The Philadelphia Foundation Group Show and NCECA Clay National.

Michael Lunney currently lives in New York City and has been published in recent issues of The Indiana Review, The Global City, and The Chariton Review. Michael has produced a number of plays in New York, most recently "God is Cat Spelled Backwards" at Synchronicity Space.

Daniel Meltz resides in New York City. His work has been publishedin American Poetry Review, Mudfish, and other journals.

Robert Miltner is an assistant professor of English andcreative writing at Kent State University, Stark Campus, in Canton, Ohio. His poems have appeared in The Prose Poem: An International Journal,The New York Quarterly, key satch(el), and Birmingham PoetryReview. He is the author of three chapbooks of poems: TheSeamless Serial Hour (Pudding House), On the Off-Ramp(Implosion), and Against the Simple (Kent State University Press).Against the Simple won the Wick Chapbook Award.

Sheila E. Murphy's Letters to Unfinished J. will appear in 2000from Sun & Moon Press. Also scheduled for release this coming year is TheIndelible Occasion from Potes & Poets Press. This fall, she is appearingin the annual Brisbane Writers Festival in Queensland, Australia.Additional upcoming performances within Arizona include collaborativeconcerts of poetry and celtic harp music with harpist Megha Morganfield.For the past twelve years, Murphy has coordinated the Scottsdale Centerfor the Arts Poetry Series.

Gil Ott is a widely published essayist, poet, and editor of SingingHorse Press. He is the author of 11 books of poetry, and has won several awards, including fellowships from the Headlands Center for the Arts and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. Most recently, he has published The Whole Note, by Zasterle, and his complete Traffic will appear soon from Chax. In addition,the University of Pennsylvania's Kelly Writer's House Philly Talks is preparing a special issue on his work, and Gil's Singing Horse Press will soon publish its twentieth book, Norman Fischer's Success.

Standard Schaefer, a native of Texas, currently lives in Los Angeleswhere he received his BA from Occidental College and his Master's from USC. He is founder and co-editor of the literary magazine RHIZOME: A Language You Can Think and a co-editor of RIBOT. NOVA, his first book, was chosen by Nick Piombino for the 1999 National Poetry Series. It will be published by Sun & Moon Press. His first chapbook WALTZING THE MAP has just come out by a+bend. He teaches at East L.A. Community College and at Otis School of Art and Design.

Michael Schwartz is an engineering student at the University of Pennsylvania.He has been previously published in Pif Magazine.

Peter Jay Shippy lives and works in Massachusetts. His work hasappeared in The Denver Quarterly, Epoch, Ploughshares, andRosebud.

Ryan G. Van Cleave is a freelance photographer originally from Chicago, and his poetry has appeared in recent issues of Slant, Willow Review, Oxford Magazine, and Poems & Plays. He has new poems forthcoming in Maryland Review, Quarterly West, Mid-American Review, and Southern Humanities Review. Ryan is also the poetry editor for Sundog: The Southeast Review, and he serves as a coordinator for the annual "World's Best Short Short Story" competition.

Josh Wallaert is an undergraduate at Lewis and Clark College inPortland, Oregon. His poems and essays have appeared in Alternatives,Imbroglio, and The Hearthfire Journal. His work has recievedawards from the Oregon State Poetry Association.

Carole Waterhouse has a Ph.D. in 20th Century Literature from Ohio University and an MFA in Fiction writing from the University of Pittsburgh. She currently teaches creative writing at California University of Pennsylvania, and has been published in The Massachusetts Review, The Artful Dodge, Ceilidh, Ball State University Forum, Eureka Literary Magazine, and Half Tones to Jubilee.

Gerald R. Wheeler was born in Columbus, Ohio. He received his Ph.D.from the University of Chicago. He is a retired criminal justice administrator, the author of Counter Deterrence (Nelson-Hall), contributed a chapter in Faces of Delinquency (Prentice-Hall) and authored over 50 professional publications. He lives in Katy, Texas. His fiction and poetry have appeared or is forthcoming in Pivot, Poetry Depth Quarterly, JAMA,RE:AL, descant, Small Pond, Whole Notes,Black Bear Review, Aethlon, and Concho River Review.

D. W. Young currently lives in New York City and is working on his first novel.

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