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--- H A L V A R D   J O H N S O N

1. Punch 7,568 details into your light-brown box and you're done. Lunch is just a swallow away. Downloads come around 2, and then there's a cup of tea, or maybe a slug of whatever's in that bottle in the brown paper bag in your bottom-right drawer.

2. Review carefully the crafts we're trying to keep alive until we can do something about funding them on a more permanent basis, and then you will have time for a meeting or two, network or not (good time for a snooze). Schedule assassins for Friday.

3. Time, place, and imagination come together around 5, just as you dash for the door, heltering and skeltering your way to your train or your bus. Hard as always to get taxis in the rain. Public transport full as ever of transcendently pragmatic folk.

4. None of them speak, none menace. Our ability to divide has never been questioned or called into scruple. Key elements of our mental world parlay into partisan ambush. We can clearly see where we fit on the trenchant curve of the public's opinion.

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