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Alice Ayers has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University ofWashington. Her work can be seen in the upcoming issue of Other Voices#31 this spring.

Dennis Barone's newest book is Temple of the Rat, a novellafrom Left Hand Books.

Jason DeBoer currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, where he iscreating a new literary and philosophical publishing house calledTrembling Sun Press. He is the managing editor of Eighteenth-CenturyStudies, an academic journal based at Northwestern University. His workhas recently appeared in numerous journals, including The BarcelonaReview, Rampike, Libido, and The Absinthe LiteraryReview. At the moment he is working on Stupor, his debut novel.

Kyle Conner received his M.A. in creative writing from TempleUniversity in 1995, where he studied with Toby Olson and Rachel BlauDuplessis. In the summer of 1998 he published a first chapbook, entitledSongs for South St. Bridge. He has poems and book reviews publishedin MASS AVE and St. Mark's Poetry Project Newsletter andwork forthoming in BIVOUAC, The Hat, Brooklyn Review Online andOyster Boy Review. He co-curates the Highwire Reading Series inPhiladelphia, and has taught several semesters of remedial and collegecomposition at Temple and Community College of Philadelphia.

Tom Devaney is author of The American Pragmatist Fell InLove (Banshee Press 1999). His poems are included in AmericanPoetry: The Next Generation and in the catalogue for "Greater NewYork" at the P.S. 1 art space. His prose has appeared in ThePhiladelphia Inquirer, The Poetry Project Newsletter, Poetry Flashand Poets & Writers Magazine.

Linh Dinh is the author of a chapbook of poems, DrunkardBoxing (Singing Horse Press 1998) and a soon-to-be-released collectionof short stories, Fake House (Seven Stories Press 1999). Hisstories, poems and translations have appeared in recent issues of NewAmerican Writing, Chicago Review, Sulfur, DenverQuarterly, American Poetry Review, New York Stories andVOLT.

Annette C. Earling is managing editor of CrossConnect and publishesan occasional column in the Philadelphia City Paper.

Charles Coleman Finlay's poems have appeared recently in TheBitter Oleander, Ekphrasis, Rattle and elsewhere.

Greg Fuchs is the author of Came Like It Went (Buck DownsBooks, Washington, D.C. 1999) and Uma Ternura (Canvas andCompanhia, Porto, 1998). He has work in Thus Spake The Corpse: AnExquisite Corpse Reader 1988-1998 (Black Sparrow Press, California,1999). He is a member of subpress, a collective of writers, dedicated topublishing poetry. Currently, he is editing a forthcoming volume ofpoetry, After School Session, by Brett Evans. He coordinates, with Kyle Connor, the Highwire Gallery Reading Series (Philadelphia).

Amy Holman has previously been published in 4th Street, Zone 3,Literal Latte, The Metropolitan Review, The Brooklyn Review Online, TheBest American Poetry 1999, and is forthcoming in Poet Lore. Shedirects the Literary Horizons Program at Poets & Writers and writearticles on publishing issues.

Wrenford Jones holds an MA in English from the University ofAlabama and an MFA in Film Production from American University. His screencredits include Austin Powers II, Cookie's Fortune, morethan 60 episodes of Xena and Hercules, and award-winningshorts. This is his first short-fiction publication.

Ron Klein specializes in sculptural assemblages of ordinaryobjects. He is also known for his fascination with exotic places. Hisrecent work, under the exhibition title Burmese Nature, melded twodistinct cultures - American and Burmese.

Teresa Leo is a contributing editor for CrossConnect andThe American Poetry Review, and a staff writer for LipMagazine. Her work has recently appeared in The PhiladelphiaInquirer, The Philadelphia City Paper, Painted Bride Quarterly, APR,and the anthology Whatever It Takes: Women on Women's Sport (FS&G,1999).

Stuart Lishan has work published or scheduled to appear inmagazines such as Arts & Letters, Kenyon Review,Boulevard, Chicago Review, and American LiteraryReview.

Marek Lugowski is acontributing editor for CrossConnect. He is the editor of A SmallGarlic Press and co-edits Agnieszka's Dowry.

Michael Magee is a contributing editor for CrossConnect andfounding editor of COMBO. He is finishing his dissertation"Emancipating Pragmatism: Emerson, Jazz and Experimental Writing," atPenn, and has new poems out or due to appear in Cafe Review,Spoon River Poetry Review, Ixnay, The East Village PoetryWeb and 6ix.

Phil Metres has poems and translations of Russian poets publishedin numerous journals, including Artful Dodge, Crab OrchardReview, Field, Glas, Luna, Modern Poetry inTranslation, New Orleans Review, Ploughshares, and inthe anthology In the Grip of Strange Thoughts: Russian Poetry in a NewEra (Zephyr Press, 1999). He has just completed A KindredOrphanhood: Selected Poems of Sergey Gandlevsky.

Joseph Millar has poems that can be found in recent editions ofPloughshares, New Letters, Shenandoah, PassagesNorth, and Doubletake. He lives in Oregon.

Ben Miller's fictions, poems and essays have appeared in manypublications and new work can be found in recent or upcoming issues ofMcSweeney¹s, Other Voices, Seneca Review,VOLT, First Intensity, Spinning Jenny, Web DelSol, New York Stories, American Letters &Commentary, Fence, Century, TheMontserrat Review, and Happy. In addition, he hasco-authored an adaptation of Alfred Jarry's "Ubu sur la Butte," mounted in1999, at The Medicine Show theater in New York City. His awards include acreative writing fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. Hiswork has also appeared in issue v4i3 ofCrossConnect.

K. Silem Mohammad has work in recent or forthcoming issues ofKenning, Combo, Rhizome, and 9 to 0. His serial poemhovercraft will be published this Summer as a single-authorchapbook issue of Kenning.

Rick Moody's novels are Garden State (Pushcart Press, 1992),The Ice Storm (Little, Brown & Co., 1994), and PurpleAmerica (Little, Brown & Co., 1997). He also has a collection of stories, The Ring of Brightest Angels Around Heaven (Little, Brown& Co., 1995), and has co-edited, with Darcey Steinke, the anthology Joyful Noise: The New Testament Revisited (Little, Brown & Co.,1997). His short work has appeared in The New Yorker, The New YorkTimes, Harper's, Esquire, The Paris Review, The Atlantic, and elsewhere. His forthcoming collection of stories, Demonology,will be published in winter of 2001.

Daniel Nester's poems have appeared in Mudfish, MinnesotaReview, Poetry New York, Borderlands, Poet Lore,and others. He is an editor of Painted Bride Quarterly inPhiladelphia and lives in Brooklyn.

Michelle Oosterbaan is a member of the co-op gallery, Nexus, inPhiladelphia, PA. Her current light and paper installation, "Red", can beviewed in the Window at Broad Street. She currently teaches at TheUniversity of the Arts, Drexel University, and Moore College of Art andDesign in Philadelphia.

Mark Parsons received an MFA from the University of Arizona. He iscurrently enrolled in the Ph.D. program in creative writing at OklahomaState University.

Lev Rubinshtein is one of the foremost Russian avant-gardeconceptualist poets to emerge from the underground in the 1970s-90s.Rubinshtein has been widely published, at home and abroad, and has beenanthologized in the English-language anthology The Third Wave(1992). Rubinshtein's texts are written on a series of note cards, oftenmirroring or distorting the various discourses of language, particularlyphilosophy and conversational language; "Thursday Night" and "Catalogue"romp through the philosophy and the arts, while "Six-Winged Seraphim"references 19th Russian literary culture.

Mike Scofield's first short story was published in Anthology in the spring of 2000. Previous non-fiction work includes an article on architecture in the regional magazine Mohawk Valley, USA.

Andrew Shields holds a Ph.D. (Comparative Literature) from theUniversity of Pennsylvania, and has lived in Europe since 1991, when hemoved to Germany. These days, he earns a living teaching English at theUniversity of Basel in Switzerland. His poems, prose, and translationshave appeared or are forthcoming in PN Review, Poetry,Grand Street, International Quarterly, and Mr. Knife,Miss Fork.

Ron Silliman's most recent collection isÒ,  published by Drogue last year.Additional work includes MultiPlex, a chapbook that contains hiswork and that of Karen Mac Cormack, published by Wild Honey Press inIreland. Quarry West 34 is a special 200 pp. issue devoted to hiswork and life. Copies are available via SPD or c/o Porter College, UCSanta Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA 95064. Silliman is a former Pew Fellow in theArts and lives with his wife and children in Paoli, PA.

Jack Smith has published fiction in The Southern Review,Happy, The Roswell Literary Review, B&A: New Fiction,Ceteris Paribus, and will have upcoming work in Seed Cake.His reviews have been published in The Texas Review, RE:AL,Pleiades, and one will be upcoming in the The MissouriReview; additional work will also appear soon in Flying Horse.He currently edits The Green Hills Literary Lantern.

Guggenheim award-winner Robert Sward teaches at U Calif. in SantaCruz. Chosen by Lucille Clifton to receive a Villa Montalvo Literary ArtsAward, he is the author of 16 books including Four Incarnations, New &Selected Poems (Coffee House Press). Contributing Editor to the magazine The Blue Moon Review, he is working now on Portrait of an L.A. Daughter& Other Poems.

Steven Thompson is originally from South Carolina, and a recentgraduate of the University of Pennsylvania. He currently lives in New YorkCity.

Kirsten Thorpe is a senior creative writing and psychology major atthe University of Pennsylvania. Her Senior Capstone Project involving apoetic and visual scrapbook of Philadelphia "A Scrapbook ofIntersections: Places Where Philadelphia and I Have Met" was recentlypresented at the Kelly Writers House.

Tanya Tulchinsky is a long-time translator of Russian poetry.

Shawn Lynn Walkerlives and works in West Philadelphia. She recently published her firstchapbook The Purchase of a Day (Handwritten Press). She is agraduate of Penn's creative writing program, recipient of the Thuron Awardand was a founding member of the Kelly Writers House.

Rebecca Wolff is the editor of Fence. Her first book of poems,Manderley, is forthcoming from Provincetown Arts Press.

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