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   h o w    d o    y o u    s a y,    "f u n k y    c h i c k e n"    i n    s p a n i s h,    p o p p y?

--- T O M   D E V A N E Y

Cheerios dance when you dance.
Morning is all octaves between head & foot. 
Between head.
One source of sugar is a banana - another: 
Lively Up Yourself, Charlie Hunter Quartet.
See, there's something to a chicken, dancing, funk.
Through the grates, the reddish housecoat	
is a woman   morning coffee	
a foot tapping, cat scatting 
	from her window nap.
Wait a minute, 
	wait a second: 
(The turn) or place words won't follow, stir 
the kitchen,	or explain the way
Cheerios - Sliced bananas - & a foot & head have to dance.

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