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   o u t t a k e s /i n t a k e s

--- T E R E S A   L E O


driven: too romanticized, evangelical, the he said/she said    

as a practice the rationale more interesting than the poetry

more density, the reciprocal, contemporary highjacking

the real question, agree-or-disagree

ransom-note style, wind-free surface, sharp paper scissors

I think I told you the inside of my head

hip-hop and electronica, Fred Astaire School of Dancing

goofy pink jeep tours, that past-life-regression capital

where the interviewer is too annoyingly present

or the love poems of American teenagers, I'm travelling

especially in signage, the hang of euphemisms

next I know I'm moving toward density

that could rival that of the O.J. Simpson jury

a surprise or two or even a plot off I-17

to find relatives for the line, a surprise or two

this act of eavesdropping, one more thing to confess

/   Intakes

your mother no slouch, mine REVISING HISTORY

All Monica All The Time, hand-held (but not hidden)

a regular rhythmic pulse, was it not

on one level a tragicomic little opus, preparation:

the way lemmings are compelled to run off cliffs

a few punctuation marks and conjunctions

a bad rap. What I've always resisted

of the world, a wise-ass remark about vortexes

somewhere above light verse and greeting cards

cabalistic, secret-society, once, just once

the meaning of the word "is" is

the democracy of form, sequestering

relatives for the line and anything Williams

it's everywhere, ironic, odd and a little creepy

or even a plot. I've always resisted

which I is I

"Outtakes / Intakes" is a collage assembled from parts of Teresa Leo's interview with Rick Moody.

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