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   m e t    a    c a b b i e

--- M A R E K   L U G O W S K I

"pretty pretty pretty" -- The Raincoats

tremor tremor little lights -- i'm looking out west

spread in grids pinpricks globules in carpets green blue and pink red in broadway's 1200 west neon the neighborhood houses appear mascara'ed by autumn trees unlike the mercury cool of the alley lights or the feeble lights atop head/tail-lighted taxis

oh freddie he dead

saw him -- saw them for the first time my first show -- at the roosevelt auditorium on congress in seventy six. i still see a silhouette.

our city is so alive so pretty and will continue hovers in a celestial pudding at night at nearly morning many snores short of yawning crisp out there -- a daze of clarity a quiet moment on the elevated line

which is to say -- guess you are snoring out there

would have snored here myself had i not stayed up two nights ago waiting for the missing those who arrived in the western lands

we too will go to the western lands bismillah --

you met a cabby

under a varnish of scorn a forlorn sweetness sweetness gone to western lands too for every globule -- some memory in every street -- a trajectory oh freddie he western lands already but we are still/here

our city is pretty pretty pretty and will continue

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