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--- R I C K   M O O D Y

1. If your hair stands on end, drop to the ground immediately Lightning is a very real danger Veils of rain disappear in midair Weather can have a profound effect Copy your source onto a blank sheet of paper.

2. Eat nutritious snacks Sidestep these unpleasant situations Do not enter mineshafts Many who try collapse Arrange words and phrases in meaningful and surprising ways.

3. Separate the embers, mix and stir the coals The Plague may be carried by squirrels Citizens with mental impairment may apply in person The good news is you cannot become permanently lost Give the work a title that expresses its main idea.

4. See that the victim has dry clothing Scanning the landscape for insurmountable obstacles Cumulonimbus giants, raptor migration Get that inner-canyon feeling Beneath title, write "Used chunks of coal to write out the words . . ."

5. Vast, primordial, impenetrably dark Mules refused to cross this bridge The pioneers aimed derogatory and threatening remarks The planet Pluto was discovered At the end of your composition:

In low places, things collect. The men became increasingly disheartened and exhausted.

Interview with Rick Moody

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