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   c o l o r    o n e:    r e d

--- S H A R O N   K R I N S K Y

he reads the red messages on the wall they are all to him they are the petals
of a chrysanthemum many spiked layers he pulls them out one by one reading
the  messages she loves him and hates him he is confused he keeps looking at her
his blue eyes burn into her yellow eyes for one answer to complete the
messages to know the conclusion to the red messages he's frightened there may
be more in the next room she closes her mouth looks down he doesn't know what
to do except to try and follow the red messages he wants to find out if she
loves him he didn't know he wanted that the red messages impel him he can't
stop he must know her lips are a bow her eyes laughing he is sweating his
hands up on his arms he wants to paint her she looks at the wall then at him
he knows there is a message he has missed red he will find it yes

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