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   m o r e    m y s t e r y    s t o r i e s

--- S H A R O N   K R I N S K Y

The Red Bus
I'm with an ex-boyfriend.  We steal a bus but don't know how to drive it.
After avoiding a series of accidents, we end up near the ocean.  The bus is
collapsible so we park it in a car-size space and go to the beach.  All day I
worry that we may be parked illegally.

Eyeballs I'm looking for an apartment. I go to see one that has hundreds of plastic eyeballs rolling around on the floor. When I get home, there's a seven-year-old boy sitting at my desk drawing pictures of eyeballs. He tells me he's my son.

Metal Fingers While I'm looking at photographs of myself with platinum blonde hair, a man comes up behind me and touches my shoulders. His fingers are made of metal, and they get stuck in my skin. I don't have pliers so I give him a rubber hammer and ask him to please remove his fingers.

The Real Billy Joel I find out that it isn't Billy Joel but someone who looks like him singing and playing piano on his records. I'm telling a friend about it when the real Billy Joel walks into my apartment. He's holding a big pair of scissors and says he wants to cut my hair.

Acting Like Nazis I'm a Communist, and I'm traveling on a train with other Communists. We are prisoners of the Germans. Our car breaks off from the rest of the train. Some of us decide to escape. We go to a nearby inn and try to act normal which means acting like Nazis. Then I realize we are in New Jersey, and I can just go home.

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