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   c o u n t i n g    t h e    n u m b e r    o f    a n g e l s    a t    t h e    h o s p i t a l

--- F R A N K   M A T A G R A N O

"In rabbinic writings, there are at least a dozen angels of death..."

I counted three last time: two on smoke break near the door on York Ave; name tag affixed to wing, and upstairs, the third, room 915 B, the shadow of a ruffled feather over grandma's diseased breast, one long flourescent bulb above the bed, a box of white tissues from the grocer, a half-empty glass of juice on the tray, mom asleep in one of two visitor chairs, her sister in the other, bent over, pulling up the tongue of an untied shoe.

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