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   n o t e s    o n    s u r r e n d e r

--- A N T H O N Y   R O B I N S O N

for Janice Pang

Have we given in, handed our various selves over? (cf. edge, margin, closer, completion, archipelago)

I am not a reasonable man and you are not alone.

I look forward to hearing (from) you. I look forward to hearing (form), you understand:

Zero grade form: dado, date, dative, datum, die, add (betray), edition, perdition, render (rent), (surrender), tradition, (traitor), (treason), vend, from Latin dare, to give.

"Their conspiracy emerged, shed its chrysalis if you will--a half-hobbled mess: friends over gumbo, likes, distaste for poi." These are lyrics to a popular song.

Thematic framing: Me: grilled ham and cheddar, tomato soup. You: Marie Curie, Milton. Tea, I think.

This is all I have to give, imperfectly rendered, respectful of tradition, handed over:

"If you have a problem come discuss it with me" if you have a problem come discuss it with me if you have disgust

take it over there take it in the [word for donkey, three letters] if you have a difficulty remember you can always talk it over, so

come with me and see

the spaceman chinaman spicman fakeman shortman woman in the garden, woman bathing on the roof.

We can be heroes: Ziggy Stardust, David Carradine, Mickey Rooney, Boss, Da' Plane, Corinthian Leather, Lee Trevino, pick up the pace,

how do you like passing? Can you write it? I'd rather breathe.

My childhood was exactly like your childhood except for the tortillas and the Michelangelo wallpaper.

My childhood was exactly like your childhood. My childhood was in fact, younger than yours.

Our tendency is to reduce: My, you've become thin. We both grew up in Montana. We both kept fish. We understand the aquarium. Repeat after me.

I've become. I mean, I've come to doubt even the small things: my shoe size, your hair color, even colour, does a dog have wings?

My childhood was exactly like your childhood except for the squid and the quills.

Suffixed form: *do-no. donation (donative), donor; (condone), pardon from Latin donum, gift.

These things I know are true. I don't condone what you've done. I don't disagree with your assessment. I'm sure it will be serious.

A pack animal: a wilde beeste. Which is more serious?

I kill more white men before breakfast than you will make love to this year. How's that for a statistic?

Some of this isn't even true. Do you love the ocean, the castle, the mountains? Do you love linoleum. Lines?

Are you loved? Well, yes. Well. But I mean, you know. Sock it to me.

Respect? I respect indifference. I respect difference. A journall of dyvers thinges, made by mine owne hand. Practice giving voice.

Two. Too. Yo tambien. Also, can you pass the second exam? Can you pass? I've been passing for

"that burrito saved my life and you can quote me on that..."

can you pass the salsa?

Diversity: tradition-- variations in the tidepool:

Advance the (clause) (pause) (claude)


Taken out of context, your shirt is shinier. Can you touch "luminous" for me?

And tell me about the dark ages! Tell me. Honor inversity. Implore.

Poetry has gone back to the university-- accept this gift.

Spring forward, fall back. Spring ahead. Fall behind. Spring forward,

fall back, two steps forward, one step back, look friend, we're dancing.

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