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· Geoffrey Detrani
History Funnel
Petite Darwin ET Al.
Plan For A Walled City
· Stephanie Dickinson
· Ray DiPalma
July 30-31, 2000
· Amy Holman
Twice Removed
The Cathedral of My Head
· Joan Houlihan
You Took From Me All Manner of Things
· Cralan Kelder
Multiple Choice
· Anne-Marie Levine
Recent Research Reveals
· Stuart Lishan
Hue and Cry
· Jeffrey Loo
night out with my sister's contact improvisational dance girlfriends
· Michael Magee
Daughters of the American Revolution
Another Day
Lucky Sevens
· Susan H. Maurer
Saga Class
Mackie Hill, Miami, Arizona
Chinese Funeral
· Ben Miller
· Jason Nelson
· Daniel Nester
On Seeing Duchamp's "Large Glass", Philadelphia Museum of Art, July 4, 1976
Abandoned RCA Buildings, Camden, NJ
Questions of Tone: An Invocation
· Billy X O'Brien and Ronald Palmer
Sutu: Ring (The Dil: Do With) Light: Ning
Or: Bit: Ter: Ror
· Bob Perelman
Today's Lament
My Type
· Chris Pusateri
such as it is: a postmodern love number
· Anthony Robinson
Notes on Surrender
· Sean Singer
The Tiger Interior
The Garden of Delights
· Steven J. Stewart
Palmer's Village of Reason
Mother Sister Father Brother

· Teresa Leo
K is for Kindness and Serial Killer
· John McCalla
Why Not Turn Them All Gay?
· Ronald Palmer
An E-View in Four Parts: K. Silem Mohammad Answers 20 Questions: Lobbed Via Optic Wire: Across the U.S.

· Jeffrey M Bockman
The Eyes of Rhythm
· Mary Clarke
The Up and Up
· Bill Gordon
Vita and Virginia
· Michael Lombardo
Under the Walnut Tree, 1981
· Ben Miller
· Katherine Taylor
Sunday, 4:45 p.m.

Art Gallery
· Peter Doyle
Damage, Earthquake Site
Volkan, 19, with friend, Red Cross Camp
Fatma Uzun
Yoka, 13, inside tent home
Tent City Resident
Nerati & Selahattin, roadside camp
Sezai & Hava, roadside camp
Husejin Ates, 60, roadside camp
· Susan Fenton
Sea and Stars
Black Veil with Circular Frame
Wrapping Arms
Figure with Spiral in Shadow
Profile in Gray Shadows
Black Gauze with Draped Arm, Profile
· Judith Harold-Steinhauser

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