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   d a u g h t e r s    o f    t h e    a m e r i c a n    r e v o l u t i o n

--- M I C H A E L   M A G E E

wessson you mean like smith's wesson that's her daddy what is like a gun for a penis no like what black guys use you mean her daddy's black guy's penis is a gun what are you a sicko he owns it but that don't make it right what are you a bleeder he leases it but that don't make it kosher what are you an internationalist that company's as red white and blue as anybody's underpants you mean her dad's a safety lock what does that have to do with law enforecement what does this have to do with Daughters of the American Revolution because its her god given right because she own it in the vagina what because it's reproducible like a big production I believe you are finally telling the truth at last and he was corking up all along I'm not privy to that and he was corking her up on occasion I wouldn't put in that light say something about protection always use protection no no about firearms always protect your fire arm you're goddamn right (long pause) can I ask you something can your mama ask your daddy something well okay what about all that oil they sell that's a different company altogether like what you call mixed company when you really mean vaginas right and that must be what all the oils for you dumb idiot now listen oil gold for cooking and black for driving and heat and one giant of a man of the world of today to sell sell sell like you was gonna deep fry mother earth herself in it you mean like her daddy's black guy's penis is a gun hell yes it's a gun but it's long as a hanging rope and thick as a tree ain't you been listening

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