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   a n o t h e r    d a y

--- M I C H A E L   M A G E E

		for Nate Chinen

scratching epaulettes bestill my beating Bad Business again best get shiners

three cheers for the downy protégé! and a chapeau for the promoter! one more time with feeling! like he needs it!

Rick Tate might be homeless seen blowing on the corner, N. said

"make chaos out of no longer tenable forms of order"

he did what for what?

under the skull cap's a skull under the captain's a hull

would someone please wack the seven star general with a lampstand? angelic blowing for unwed moms dubbed welfare queenism by powers that busy beeist myths crated to quell

meanwhile the connoisseur butters our hot crossover buns on the B side this snot your father sold in Mobile

& RT's sax case like his noise & O'Hara's heart is open

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