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   m o t h e r    s i s t e r    f a t h e r    b r o t h e r

--- S T E V E N   J .  S T E W A R T

Mother laughs like the spotted monkey. She's happier that way. The dogs in the field prefer blue roses: saliva runs off their tongues in singing colors. I am nothing but a tree. This is not good news for sister. Burning foliage hastens the approach of the woman scattering shells on the beach, turning back time, making the children sin. Father is being painted yellow by a group of schoolboys. He's a professor playing in his milk, matching wits with sad toads. Where men make cheese in the forest, there is God. I come to you now that I am old, I come to you with a green mouth. I want my apple, but so does the monkey. I am two I's. Brother's girlfriend is all white, like a cat with small eyes walking through the yellow nightfall of the farm. The cat is a small eye. I am the foot, the book is coming out next month, and the girlfriend is going out the window. The boys are a whole donut. I've been living for the wicked bird. Only strong girls eat elephants and drink the sea. Watch: Leo the Red is taking father by the hair.

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