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Jeffrey M Bockman is the co-founder of Literal Latte. He has a PhD inMedical Microbiology from Berkeley as well as a Masters in creativewriting from NYU. His work has been published in numerous literarymagazines, and he has new work in or forthcoming from Rosebud,Gargoyle and The Connecticut Review. His stories have beennominated twice for the Pushcart Prize and for Best American Fantasy.

Mary Clarke is a recent graduate of the Creative Writing Program atthe University of Pennsylvania.

Geoffrey Detrani is an artist and writer living in New York City.

Peter Doyle concentrates on portraiture and documentaryphotography, working professionally in Philadelphia. His photographs arein the Philadelphia Museum of Art in addition to corporate and privatecollections. Recent work can be seen on the website The trip to Turkey wasmade possible through a City Paper photography award.

Susan Fenton came to photography 20 years ago through a backgroundin painting. Since then she has had exhibits everywhere from Tokyo toRome and all across America. Her work has been included in the permanentcollection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, as well as several private collections, national and international. At present she is the GalleryDirector at St. Joseph's University.

Bill Gordon's stories and essays have appeared in such outlets as The New York Times Magazine, Mississippi Review, New YorkPress, Christopher Street, Downtown, The James WhiteReview, and Fourteen Hills, published by San Francisco State. In addition, his story, "Home," was included in the Men on Men 2000collection by Dutton/Signet. He is now working on a novel set in JerseyCity, where he grew up. A graduate of the Master's creative writingprogram at Columbia University, Bill currently lives in New York City.

Amy Holman is a poet and prose writer with work in Snitch,Literal Latte, Mystic River Review, The Cortland Review, Poet Lore, TheBest American Poetry 1999, and The History of Panty Hose InAmerica anthology. She is the Associate Editor of Get Your FirstBook Published, from Career Press, and directs the Literary HorizonsProgram at Poets & Writers.

Joan Houlihan's poetry has been published or is forthcoming in thefollowing journals: The Gettysburg Review, Fine Madness, The LarcomReview, Spoon River Poetry Review, Poetry International, The HarvardReview, and The Marlboro Review among others. She is SeniorPoetry Editor for the Del Sol Review at Web Del Sol and also writesa column for this site entitled "Boston Comment" which deals withcontemporary poetry issues.

Cralan Kelder is enrolled in a grad program called InternationalAgricultural Development at UC Davis. Not because he wants to save theworld, but moreso he believes that you should only follow rules aboutwhich you is curious. He is forthcoming in Sundog and Fishdrum.

Teresa Leo is a contributing editor for CrossConnect andThe American Poetry Review. A poetry chapbook, ObsceneRhetoric, is forthcoming from Archangel Press (2001) and her work hasrecently appeared in New Orleans Review, La Petite Zine,The Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Portable Boog ReaderPhiladelphia. She also received a 2001 literature fellowship from thePennsylvania Council on the Arts.

Anne-Marie Levine lives in New York City and is the author ofEuphorbia, a finalist for the Paterson Poetry Prize 1995. Her poemshave appeared most recently in American Letters and Commentary,Parnassus, and Tin House. She serves on the board of directorsof Poets House.

Stuart Lishan is a resident of Delaware, Ohio. His poems haveappeared recently in Xconnect, as well as in Barrow Street,Kenyon Review, American Literary Review, and Arts & Letters. This year (2001) an e-chapbook of some of his work, BodyTapestries, was published in Mudlark: An Electronic Journal ofPoetry & Poetics, which can be accessed through Webdelsol.

Michael Lombardo recently graduated from the University ofMichigan, where he won a 2000 Hopwood Award for poetry. He has currentpoems in The Mid-American Poetry Review, Michigan RC Review,and ReDial. He currently lives in Traverse City, Michigan.

Jeffrey Loo is a resident of Philadelphia. He has a chapbookforthcoming from Ashland Press in Spring 2001. He also has six poems anda short story forthcoming in Many Mountains Moving. He wasnominated by the NYU Creative Writing Program for the Ruth LillyFellowship in 1999, and he completed the MFA in 2000.

Michael Magee has new poems out or forthcoming in Callaloo, NewAmerican Writing, Lungfull! and Pavement Saw; and articles onAmerican Literature in Raritan, Review and ContemporaryLiterature. His first book-length collection of poems, MorningConstitutional will be published this August by Spencer Books &Handwritten Press. He edits the poetry journal Combo and liveswith his wife Susanna and daughter Anabella in Rhode Island.

Susan H. Maurer's By the Blue Light of the Morning Glory waspublished by Linear Arts. She has been in a number of publications suchas American Voice, Virginia Quarterly Review, andOrbis, as well several anthologies, such as The Unbearable'sSelf Help and Downtown Poets. In 1998, Maurer was nominatedfor a Pushcart by "Mind the Cap."

John McCalla is a freelance writer who lives and works inPhiladelphia. His work has been published in many sources, including theNew York Times and the Philadelphia City Paper. He authors aweekly column in the Philadelphia Daily News.

Ben Miller's stories, essays and poems have appeared in manypublications and new work can be found in recent or upcoming issues ofThe North American Review, Western Humanities Review,Insurance, Arts & Letters, Meridian, Mid-AmericanReview, Barrow Street, Facture, Rosebud,Paragraph, Rhino, Speak, Chicago Review,VOLT, Spinning Jenny and American Letters &Commentary. His work has also appeared recently in Xconnect.Awards include a creative writing fellowship from the NEA and a purplecarnation placed in the water glass next to his day job computer terminalby an individual who thus far has preferred to remain anonymous.

Jason Nelson's work have or will appear in Verse,Washington Review, Big Allis, Kenning, CrossCultural Poetics, Phoebe, among others. His odd hypermedia canbe seen and heard at

Daniel Nester is editor in chief of La Petite Zine andcontributing editor of Painted Bride Quarterly. His poetry hasappeared in Cream City Review, Minnesota Review, Mudfish, Slope,and Fine Madness. He is a recent fellow of the Virginia Center ofthe Creative Arts, a member of the Writers Room in New York City, and hastaught writing at Hofstra, Mercy College, and CUNY. He is working on apillow book memoir on his obsession of the rock band Queen.

Billy X O'Brien, born June 19, 1973 in Cambridge, MA., has adegree in nutrition and now works at the Boston Living Center. Other poemsare published in Combo 6, Slope 9, & Shampoo 5 & 6.

Ronald Palmer: born: Connecticut: 1966. Received graduate degrees: NYU (M.A.): SUNY Binghamton(Ph.D.). Currently a writer-in-residence: Theory Department: Jan vanEyck Academy: Maastricht (Netherlands). Forthcoming work: COMBO(10) and Lit (6) Most recent work: Issues In ContemporaryCulture and Aesthetics (12).

Bob Perelman has published over 15 volumes of poetry, most recentlyThe Future of Memory (Roof Books) and Ten to One: SelectedPoems (Wesleyan University Press).

Chris Pusateri's recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in American Letters and Commentary, Denver Quarterly, Bombay Gin, and Kenning; his most recent chapbook is "Magnetic North" (Saki Press,2000). He lives and is nominally employed in Boulder, Colorado.

Anthony Robinson lives and works in Eugene, Oregon, where he is anassociate poetry editor for the Northwest Review. He has poemsappearing or forthcoming in Salt River Review, Chase Park,Able Muse, EM Literary, SLIDE, and Pif. He iscurrently recovering from an MFA program that shall remain nameless.

Sean Singer earned his MFA at Washington University in St. Louis in1999. He won the Hart Crane Scholarship to the Catskills Poetry Workshop,and he was a waiter at Bread Loaf in 1999. He also won an Academy ofAmerican Poets Prize in 1999. He has been published in Pleiades,Callaloo, La Petite Zine, Indiana Review, PaintedBride Quarterly, and Slope.

Judith Harold-Steinhauser is interested in the rich and complexhuman territory which comes alive for her in front of the lens. Her workis represented in many collections including the Philadelphia Museum ofArt, the National Gallery of Canada, and the Smithsonian Institute, andshe has been the recipient of grants from the National Endowment for theArts and the Pennsylvania Council for the Arts. Recent publications whichinclude her work are Black and White Photography: A Manifest Vision,Exploring Color Photography, and A History of WomenPhotographers.

Steven J. Stewart lives in Tallahessee, Florida with his wife,Erin. He is pursuing a Ph.D. from Florida State University. He considershimself a student of 20th Century avant-garde writing, and has studiedand written papers on the work of Frank O'Hara, Michael Palmer, and TedBerrigan (among others). He currently has work forthcoming inQuarter After Eight: A Journal of Prose and Commentary.

Katherine Taylor lives in New York and Los Angeles.

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