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   p e t i t e    d a r w i n    e t    a l.

--- G E O F F R E Y   D E T R A N I

It's in the nature of evolution To trade beforeishness for afterhood

A whispering nostalgia projected out, Along a thin imaginary axis Fortified with the supple structure Of mirrors and glinting glass

It's in the nature of evolution To speak your native language

Softly, with proper inflection Compressing the gesture of effect With the pathos of cause From a spot deep in the voice

Its' nature, articulations in a crude pidgin Expressions mouthed by house builders, Gesturing masons Bricked path to the pacifry Ditch, drain, cultivation pit Prior, prior, now

Home to petite pacifiers A cenotaph, a pacific ocean Tucked well under floor boards Accumulating iterations of afterallishness Each a swelling gift

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