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   m u l t i p l e    c h o i c e

--- C R A L A N   K E L D E R

Evolution doesn't care who you fuck

but as individuals we are compelled, sometimes to the point of obsession

After which time, post-coital, not depressed, begins to appear more frequently, (choose one answer only):

A. as a partner at a fancy dress ball B. fleeting, faster than you can shake yourself at, C. languorous, gently kneading your hand D. numbers A. and C. above E. time doesn't appear at all

give up trying to get things from me, truth commitment remorse response, not a tube of toothpaste

Sometimes my lover and i fight at which point words no longer help so I keep them to myself

They lie between us a pile of broken toys

Humans are blessed with the ability to put confusion and anger into frustrated sentences and pass them on to other humans, which is not unique because many animals snarl

If we were to take all of our objections and line them up end to end, they would reach halfway across the sea. From here to some distant planet, and part way back, leaving us quietly stranded.

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