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   c h i n e s e    f u n e r a l

--- S U S A N   H .  M A U R E R

When you love me I see I jump, convulse scarecrow in wind Bird on a high tension wire Patient biting the tongue clamp After shock Spasms more like a final jig That what once seemed good As simple things, warm ones Hot soup or fondly rumpled sheets Marked, creased with you Now that you are gone I watched them as I go around the room I force everything into my fingers Center my will in my finger tips Shove, push, bend, in my mind Stiff paper into funeral boats Three-cornered hats Triangled cranes Sharp sided bears Stiff-legged bears With locked corners burn them, my feelings Try to murder them by Reducing them to detail To the three times distanced Abstraction Of writing about them as Paper, as burnt in my mind A large ash, cinder This as an onion skin Arches in the flame Fragile, shining for a second The smell of burning hair Stabs me.

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